“Smokey Links” a RITUAL

Yes, when you saw the 2 words “Smokey Links”, did you as a dedicated shisha smoker REALLY think about “links for hookah smoking”? Are you a “man “(or another) with hair on your chest? C’mon?!!
Yes, for Christians the world over, “Smokey links” at breakfast are a ritual.(I lived in the Bible Belt of the MidWest ,the USA for my first 17 years, so I know. They sure smell good, them “Jimmy Dean Sausages”. I remember Jimmy Dean as a singer of country songs before he got big into business.
And yes, for smokers of the narghilah -waterpipe,hookah, etc. that is “our” ritual no?
I’ll bet that you were thinking of breakfast when you read “smokey links”.
or this electric hookah set-up?
(I’ll get these links made “kosher” for you on this section for downloading soon).

Speaking of “Kosher” , it means “Permitted” in Hebrew, Kosher as pertaining to the Jewish ritual Laws of what can be eaten as good, or bad for the soul in a body.

This is a tiny, small peek into “the Code of Jewish Laws” as practiced by “Orthodox” Religous Jews of which there are different approaches, general agrement, and no one is placing bombs in the synogogs of the other groups, and never have!
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shulkhan_Arukh (Jewish Law)

For Moslems the world over its the same principal. Is this food permissible for a soul in a body? There are differences between the 2. There is no “correct, or right way” except if you ARE a Moslem, or a Jew.
A note, most Moslems, I would imagine 99.9% do not bomb or kill other Moslems. Let’s be fair.
Health wise I was warned with all my seven children never to give them honey until they are at least one year old. Health wise YOU are PERMITTED to eat honey, and they no. (Same metaphysical corelationI later found out that chemically the honey lowers the infant’s resistance to many diseases.
“As in the physical worlds G-D Created the spiritual worlds”. ((And Vice Versa)
Kosher and Uswah are health for the soul of Moslems and Jews only as it pertains to each group in PARTICULAR. No “incorrect” way of religion vs. religion.
Here is a link for explanation of the Ritual Laws of Islam:
According to the Jewish “Torah” (Book of G-D’s Revealing Infinate Light” :
Christians are permitted to eat pork and most of the probably delicious stuff I’ve seen sold, like McDonalds french fries whom
VEGETARIANS (They have their little rituals and some fanatics too) found out some time back were fried in pork oil, frozen, shipped to your friendly neighborhood fast food McDee’s and refried, hot and juicy in vegetable oil the second fry.
So, here are two sayings in Hebrew and Arabic that both mean “Great ,Infinate,King and Creator of ALL worlds”
Arabic: “Allah Hu Akhbar” simply translated “The Infinate One is Great”
In Hebrew : “Ribbono Shel Olam” “Master of All Worlds is One”
Same difference–what is the fighting all about?
Note : if anyone of the three religions was offended, I ask your forgiveness.
Let’s not forget the “Jain” religion of Indo-China and world over really, who don’t eat anything Kosher OR Uswah, don’t even kill flies or mosquitos!!
I have read quite a lot over many years about the Buddhist religion (Way,path) and the Hindu path and way, but I will not make a fool of myself more than I should.
As we say in the Talmud “How do you know a fool is a fool? Only if he opens his mouth to talk”.
Shalom, Salaam, Peace and Goodwill toward your fellow man as YOU would like to be treated well.
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