Sunday, June 10th, 2007...12:31 pm

SORRY !about links

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Sorry that half of the links did not come out today on such extensive listings. We are working on that. When I say “we, I mean not really me, but the dude who knows how to. I learned how to turn on a p.c. about 7 years ago. My 7 children all told me that I was too old to learn. Well I learned a lot, but not how to correct the links in the blog, so its comming, I’ll find out how to do it right, and free you from future hassles.

Secondly, I lost my list of bookmarked favourites, but my loss is the blog’s gain as I retrieved in search engines, found what was lost, and added¬† X 3 more info and¬† material.

We’ll see it soon. More lists of¬† exotic hookahs with photos, more hookah companies online, more places to buy shisha tobacco, more herbal smokes than I knew existed,¬† and more regular shisha¬† (some quite fancy too)

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