Smoking in strange places (or positions)

This is strange for sure, and ingenuative, I have to say.See these photos:
(They are smoking Dutch”.Must be Netherlands!

See the 2 American Soldiers in Iraq photo. I happen to know that the picture is more than four years old. The caption should be :
One soldier to the the smoking “Did you ever hear the great song by “Pink Floyd”-“Careful with that axe,Eugene” ?
beautiful hookah water bottle
More art:

(I hope he isn’t smoking out of the car’s exhaust pipe)

(one of the fish and animal shaped hookah stems-
have heard that the soldered connections make it hard to clean)

(What-you thought that the hookah lounge in Cairo,Egypt had cleaned hookahs, yes, they do. They were cleaned 9 months ago)

Don’t spill your coals ya Sahib

Why not smoke hukah in the Sukkah? Its 7 days in Israel,8 days outside of Israel.Nice way to relax, you don’t have to eat all day long.
an iron lung might help:

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