Its so important  to keep an open mind about hookah.

Everyone who smokes hookah at home is an “experimenter”.¬† never fails. Trying new mixes of shisha, buying shisha you’ve never even smoked just to try it out. Keeping inmind that maybe the cheaper brand of shisha could in the end be your favorite.

We try out ways with coals, bowls, hookah in various sizes.

I’ve been buying shisha that in the past was¬† not to my liking and it seems so much that often I’m pleasantly¬† suprised!¬† A brand name I didn’t like before or a certain flavour that¬† now is so great. Did they improve on it? Probably with the competition so high and more companies on the market manufacturing shisha¬† you’ll find that what you thought was junk is now terrific.

Our tastes develope and as we become more experienced in smoking what maybe you were smoking out of your  first hookah is now supreme. . Or before you packed too much in a bowl or burned it with too much coal.

There are even more reasons to re-try some of the old baddies. At worst if it stil proves to be a bummer shisha you can trade it off with friends or a group.

Hookah 1

Love that “Soex” non-tobacco

“Soex” company¬† makes two ¬†lines¬† of great smoking hookah shisha.

One is “Soex” with no nicotine,tar, or tobacco. Only herbal.

The second is “AFZAL” which is¬† real shisha tobacco but it beats most “regular” shisha brands of the highest premium tastes!

“Soex”¬† contains no-tobacco and no nicotine. It comes in many¬† great tasting flavours. I’ve found¬† them very authentic tasting, though as a¬†long time smoker of shisha I could feel that lack of nicotine kick¬† in it. but that’s what its all about; for a non-nicotine herbal smoke its what you are looking for. Nice fragrance and great taste.¬†¬†

It is available online at many companies such as  :

“Soex”¬† also makes also the¬† “AFZAL” real tobacco mu’assel.

This is a “premium” type ¬†smoke, without the premium price.

It also is sold from New Delhi, India as is “Soex”.

Upon opening the box and bag, I immediately smelled  2 things. First of all you quickly  smell a strong  tobacco fragrance, you see in the mix actual well cut up tobacco leaves, and each  taste you sniff and know right away what  the flavour is before smoking  even with your eyes closed!

As Afzal is a premium smoke, it is a very long lasting session. I am amazed at the length of time it smokes and yet it stayed good to the end.

“AFZAL” can also be bought by the online stores listed above, and below.


Hookah Club

So you bought a 200 gram can of that sheesha you smoked at the local hookah lounge, and found after one smoke that you don’t care for it. You might have 185 gams left.
Or maybe you are going on summer vacation and you DO love that sheesha brand, but you have you’re tennis racket, balls, books, clothes and a whole supply of sheesha stash left over. You’ll come back in September but can’t leave anything in the university dormitory.

Here’s an idea for you and friends at anytime of the year.
You can make a local hookah club, or university club. Upload the club online and each person who wants to get rid of some sheesha type, or a few clay tobacco heads, or bought theirself that “special dream hookah,” can trade or sell for something else.

Maybe your best friend said that “Abu Shukrey” sheesha ” is the best premium sisha on the market”, as all companies say about every shisha brand they sell. You found out that “Abu Shukrey” is actually an “Abu Ali” sheesha .

I’ve mentioned “Abu Ali” stories a few times. Arabic is one of the richest languages in the world! Okay, with the advent of T.V. and multi-modern media, so is the “American” language with its idioms being born with each season’s hit Television program.
I was born and lived in America until age 17. 1970 moved.
There are 37 years of slang I’ve passed on.
In Arabic the idiom “Abu Ali” is “Father of Ali”, or the “first born son of Ali”, and 497 other meanings!

Also its what’s called “stop pulling my leg”, or “don’t bull shi me”. A grandiose , blatant hashish dream. The Arabs also speak in exageration but THEY know that.
If Achmad tells Feiysal that he will deliver his package before lunch time, Feiysal knows that he’ll see the package in 4 days time maximum! Not bad. We take them literally to their word.

The MiddleEast mentality is really more than the Middle East, of course .The North African countries (like Darfur), Iran, Khazakhstan, Cyprus, Greece, Israel,Turkey, Afghanistahn, Georgia, the former south-east Soviet Republics, and more.
So we are not blaming the Arabs here, who gave us mathmatics, Spain! and added a gigantic bulk of knowledge to the Western World’s culture as fearless sea fearing travelers to the known world, and emmancipated many of the African people on the continent. (They were dragged away in chains but let’s blame “the Whitey’s ” for that.) I am not white by the way.

There actually are many local shisha clubs, born out of hookah lounge smokers, students at a particular school ,university, or local community.

(1) So don’t trash your stash, trade with your hommies.
Barter that older hookah for sheesha, or (2) give it to the poor at “Goodwill” ,”Salvation Army”, or “Bnai Brit”!

And that gives me an even better idea!!
(3) Do they have “Cake Walks” at your Church, or “Best Lokshun Kugel” contests at the local synogog? (I can’t spell Greek).
Why not have a bring your own sheesha party at your place of worship ? I’m not being sacriligious, but its a better idea.

Anyone with the money can buy wheat, eggs,sugar,yeast and milk to bake a cake or noodles for the lukshun kugel.(Don’t forget the onions Ima).
Its not so easy to buy shisha, and its for sure a bit more expensive.
So have that “sheesha barter-trade night”.

(4)You can make a “bring your own shisha” party at the local gym .Each person will donate at least a 50 gram closed pack to a common worthy cause .

(5) Or promote Herbal non tobacco, non nicotine, no tar Herbal smoking sheesha.

“Black Label” brand, “Soex” brand, or made at home herbal!!
It will be healthy and a big hit .
hookah 1

“Pipe Dreams”

A pipe dream:
A perfectly clear clay tobacco-shisha bowl? Not yet invented (except for the semi clear acrylic bowls which cost a big $ bundle and break easily too).

So, how to tell if you smoked all the shisha in the bowl?
I guess its up to experience.

1) how much did you pack?
What is usually for you a half-hours smoke? 40 minutes went buy and your tongue is feeling fuzzy-you are long ago finished and if you have a good burning coal, you are getting plain heat and ashes taste.
2)did you pack loosly or too tight?

If tight it will burn for sure, mostly at the bottom.

3)type of shisha being smoked.

Al-Fakher, Al-Ouns ,Al-Qemah,Roman,Fumari,Afzal are loooong ongoing good smokes.
15 grams lightly packed of Al Fakher,Al-Ouns,Al-Qemah,Roman will approximately smoke 45-60 minutes.
The same ammount of Al-Waha, Al-Sultan, El-Nakhla,El-Basha
(same company) will smoke 20-30 minutes lightly packed.
If you have been going on longer, its a burn!
These are just a few hints.

4) when you’ve finished smoking EACH time look at what is left over.
If its ash, then next time don’t smoke that gram ammount too long. Or get a bigger bowl.
The gigantic “party bowl” which I mainly use is big enough for 30-35 grams, and since its bad to add shisha up to the top where it touches the foil and will burn, I still have room left over.

I always check the remains of any bowl to see if its over burnt. There should be left a bit of lightly cooked shisha at the bottom remaining.Throw it out!

With so many shisha brands out there herbal and regular, each company brand has its own burning time.
It depends mainly on how much glycerine is in the mixture.
You’ll find Nakhal is a dryer brand. The premium brands are dripping and smell so good even before you put them in the bowl!
hookah 1