Hookah Club

So you bought a 200 gram can of that sheesha you smoked at the local hookah lounge, and found after one smoke that you don’t care for it. You might have 185 gams left.
Or maybe you are going on summer vacation and you DO love that sheesha brand, but you have you’re tennis racket, balls, books, clothes and a whole supply of sheesha stash left over. You’ll come back in September but can’t leave anything in the university dormitory.

Here’s an idea for you and friends at anytime of the year.
You can make a local hookah club, or university club. Upload the club online and each person who wants to get rid of some sheesha type, or a few clay tobacco heads, or bought theirself that “special dream hookah,” can trade or sell for something else.

Maybe your best friend said that “Abu Shukrey” sheesha ” is the best premium sisha on the market”, as all companies say about every shisha brand they sell. You found out that “Abu Shukrey” is actually an “Abu Ali” sheesha .

I’ve mentioned “Abu Ali” stories a few times. Arabic is one of the richest languages in the world! Okay, with the advent of T.V. and multi-modern media, so is the “American” language with its idioms being born with each season’s hit Television program.
I was born and lived in America until age 17. 1970 moved.
There are 37 years of slang I’ve passed on.
In Arabic the idiom “Abu Ali” is “Father of Ali”, or the “first born son of Ali”, and 497 other meanings!

Also its what’s called “stop pulling my leg”, or “don’t bull shi me”. A grandiose , blatant hashish dream. The Arabs also speak in exageration but THEY know that.
If Achmad tells Feiysal that he will deliver his package before lunch time, Feiysal knows that he’ll see the package in 4 days time maximum! Not bad. We take them literally to their word.

The MiddleEast mentality is really more than the Middle East, of course .The North African countries (like Darfur), Iran, Khazakhstan, Cyprus, Greece, Israel,Turkey, Afghanistahn, Georgia, the former south-east Soviet Republics, and more.
So we are not blaming the Arabs here, who gave us mathmatics, Spain! and added a gigantic bulk of knowledge to the Western World’s culture as fearless sea fearing travelers to the known world, and emmancipated many of the African people on the continent. (They were dragged away in chains but let’s blame “the Whitey’s ” for that.) I am not white by the way.

There actually are many local shisha clubs, born out of hookah lounge smokers, students at a particular school ,university, or local community.

(1) So don’t trash your stash, trade with your hommies.
Barter that older hookah for sheesha, or (2) give it to the poor at “Goodwill” ,”Salvation Army”, or “Bnai Brit”!

And that gives me an even better idea!!
(3) Do they have “Cake Walks” at your Church, or “Best Lokshun Kugel” contests at the local synogog? (I can’t spell Greek).
Why not have a bring your own sheesha party at your place of worship ? I’m not being sacriligious, but its a better idea.

Anyone with the money can buy wheat, eggs,sugar,yeast and milk to bake a cake or noodles for the lukshun kugel.(Don’t forget the onions Ima).
Its not so easy to buy shisha, and its for sure a bit more expensive.
So have that “sheesha barter-trade night”.

(4)You can make a “bring your own shisha” party at the local gym .Each person will donate at least a 50 gram closed pack to a common worthy cause .

(5) Or promote Herbal non tobacco, non nicotine, no tar Herbal smoking sheesha.

“Black Label” brand, “Soex” brand, or made at home herbal!!
It will be healthy and a big hit .
hookah 1

Call for Intra-Religous Tolerance, smoke hookah with your neibors

wwwgloberecords.comAs the saying goes, from years back “With BOOZE you LOSE…” And as the song by Ringo Starr “No, no, no, I don’t smoke it no more, I’m tired of waking up on the floor, no, no, no it only makes me sneeze, and then I can’t get up to find the door”.
     No plugs for inter galactic travel HERE, mind you (though I was born in 1953, so figure out what I was doing from age 15? I was looking for something spiritual and the culture at the time said it could be found in special types of mushrooms , a blotter of L.., a toke on a pipe, a roll your own, or hash brown cookies.
¬†¬†¬†¬† Lets face it, even, and especially hookah smoking is an “Animal” enjoyment. So is “Feeding your face” if you aren’t doing it to take the energy from the mineral world who gave to the “vegetable” worlds, who gave to the “animal” worlds, who gave to humans( if you eat meat, cheese, fish etc.) It is possible to skip the animal world, but the mineral, plant worlds must be uplifted by humans and the Holy Sparks of G-D’s Creation returned to their source.
¬†¬†¬†¬† So I won’t make any excuses to all and sundry that smoking hookah is enjoyable, but on a spiritual level, its ONLY an animal need. Hopefully, non of us need it to live and survive. Oy Gevaltd!!
       I find it rather relaxing while I listen to 60-90 minute Yeshiva contemporary lectures, as the Chabad Rabbi who I especially love his recordings says, :
¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† “Its like the old commercial from the 1960’s for cigarettes : “Come for the filter, and stay for the taste”. (Here he is referring to the first stage of stary eyed marriage”).

¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† So,¬† put on a disc, your mp3 mp4 etc., tune in and smoke some hookah while you try to concieve the soul’s flight soaring in the body comming toward it’s source like you physically exhale, and must then return to the demands of the body as you inhale you might have a chance at it. (Can’t call it the purist approach as it is far from that, but “come for the filter and stay for the taste”. If you really taste, you”ll know.

Hookah filters

Ever smoked without a filter?

That’s most of us. Either its cause you don’tknow that filters even exist on the market, or don’t think that the added price is worth even trying it out.

You owe it to yourself. There are 2 such filters widely sold online.

One filter widepread is the Nilotic  filter

http://www.smoking-hookah.com/Products/Accessories/Hookah-Filter.asp?agent_camp=18695001¬†. This is a filter named by an ingenious Egyptian¬† manufacturer, hence the name “Nil-otic”, his company is in Cairo,Egypt right on the north source of the Nile River.

I’ve smoked with the filter awhile back. Wish I had one right now, as I’m smoking Nakhla melon, a big favourite of mine, and with each toke on the pipe, I’m feeling a bit of charcoal dust in my throat.

Of course I  detach the hose after each smoke and blow out the accumilated particles, often wash it out, too, but its not enough and this dust is ruining my smoke.

The Nilotic filter is a brown mouthpiece which just happens to fit any cigarette on the market (also nice) and for us smokers of the hookah, it goes onto the mouthpiece of the hose perfect fit, filtering out that dust, tar, nicotine and what-not. It really does a great job of it.

Try it out and decide if its worth it.They say its good for 15 smokes, which at $2.50 would be  16.666 cents American for each smoke. I am a cheapo and added at least 5 more smokes and it worked. That is  12.5  cents a smoke. Its healthier and no dust in the throat.

Also available is the “Heba” filter. This filter is¬† a plastic do- diddy with ¬†holes¬† in it and its attatched easily to the bottom of the metal shaft in the water where it filters all filth from going through the hose, into the water and into your mouth.

I haven’t tried it, but many I’ve talked to at the hookahlounge like it a lot.

Here’s the link :

Heba com  web site in Lebanon


online stores whosell it:



Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

So as a hookah smoker, our little claim to fame is the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar that we all know and love from Alice in Wonderland. So, what better is there to do than to make a banner out of it and remind us all of when we were three years old and had no idea what Lewis Caroll was talking about.

hookah smoking caterpillar

If you want to see this banner in action, you can spin on over to out forum and see it and write to us and let us know how much you love hitting the Hookah. Until then, be like the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar and smoke smoke smoke.