Hookah filters

Ever smoked without a filter?

That’s most of us. Either its cause you don’tknow that filters even exist on the market, or don’t think that the added price is worth even trying it out.

You owe it to yourself. There are 2 such filters widely sold online.

One filter widepread is the Nilotic  filter

http://www.smoking-hookah.com/Products/Accessories/Hookah-Filter.asp?agent_camp=18695001¬†. This is a filter named by an ingenious Egyptian¬† manufacturer, hence the name “Nil-otic”, his company is in Cairo,Egypt right on the north source of the Nile River.

I’ve smoked with the filter awhile back. Wish I had one right now, as I’m smoking Nakhla melon, a big favourite of mine, and with each toke on the pipe, I’m feeling a bit of charcoal dust in my throat.

Of course I  detach the hose after each smoke and blow out the accumilated particles, often wash it out, too, but its not enough and this dust is ruining my smoke.

The Nilotic filter is a brown mouthpiece which just happens to fit any cigarette on the market (also nice) and for us smokers of the hookah, it goes onto the mouthpiece of the hose perfect fit, filtering out that dust, tar, nicotine and what-not. It really does a great job of it.

Try it out and decide if its worth it.They say its good for 15 smokes, which at $2.50 would be  16.666 cents American for each smoke. I am a cheapo and added at least 5 more smokes and it worked. That is  12.5  cents a smoke. Its healthier and no dust in the throat.

Also available is the “Heba” filter. This filter is¬† a plastic do- diddy with ¬†holes¬† in it and its attatched easily to the bottom of the metal shaft in the water where it filters all filth from going through the hose, into the water and into your mouth.

I haven’t tried it, but many I’ve talked to at the hookahlounge like it a lot.

Here’s the link :

Heba com  web site in Lebanon


online stores whosell it:



Hookah Smoking Caterpillar

So as a hookah smoker, our little claim to fame is the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar that we all know and love from Alice in Wonderland. So, what better is there to do than to make a banner out of it and remind us all of when we were three years old and had no idea what Lewis Caroll was talking about.

hookah smoking caterpillar

If you want to see this banner in action, you can spin on over to out forum and see it and write to us and let us know how much you love hitting the Hookah. Until then, be like the Hookah Smoking Caterpillar and smoke smoke smoke.