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Love that “Soex” non-tobacco

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“Soex” company¬† makes two ¬†lines¬† of great smoking hookah shisha.

One is “Soex” with no nicotine,tar, or tobacco. Only herbal.

The second is “AFZAL” which is¬† real shisha tobacco but it beats most “regular” shisha brands of the highest premium tastes!

“Soex”¬† contains no-tobacco and no nicotine. It comes in many¬† great tasting flavours. I’ve found¬† them very authentic tasting, though as a¬†long time smoker of shisha I could feel that lack of nicotine kick¬† in it. but that’s what its all about; for a non-nicotine herbal smoke its what you are looking for. Nice fragrance and great taste.¬†¬†

It is available online at many companies such as  :

“Soex”¬† also makes also the¬† “AFZAL” real tobacco mu’assel.

This is a “premium” type ¬†smoke, without the premium price.

It also is sold from New Delhi, India as is “Soex”.

Upon opening the box and bag, I immediately smelled  2 things. First of all you quickly  smell a strong  tobacco fragrance, you see in the mix actual well cut up tobacco leaves, and each  taste you sniff and know right away what  the flavour is before smoking  even with your eyes closed!

As Afzal is a premium smoke, it is a very long lasting session. I am amazed at the length of time it smokes and yet it stayed good to the end.

“AFZAL” can also be bought by the online stores listed above, and below.



  • Boris.Badenov1959
    June 30th, 2007 at 10:26 pm

    thankx for all the links

  • soex is suprisingly great

  • Eric.My.Pet.Fish
    June 30th, 2007 at 10:39 pm

    I always keep a few flavors of soex on hand for those who
    don’t normally smoke to try.

  • Soex…. I’m rather shocked. I have tried about 6-7 flavors and found them completely unsmokable for more than a few mins MAX. Black Label Herbal by Hookah-Hookah was better, but certain flavors gave me & my friend serious headaches. There are a few other brands of non-tobacco shisha smoke, only one – Something call Sallamm (I believe) is even close.
    And Afzal…. yes, they have a few flavors, but for the most part out of the 15 I have tried I only found ChocoMint to be the most tolerable. They (Afzal and Soex) are produced by the same company.

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