Aluminum foil or no?

No foil? Better watch out. Many peoples of theMiddle-East smoke hookah with no metal screen or foil. The Iranian type tobacco with a special Iranian head is needed.(They really have special heads in Iran).
Iranian tobacco is usually bought in a bulk pack of dry tobacco leaves which need to be wet, then rinsed and let dry a tiny bit so that it is not dripping into the hookah stem. I learned the hard way, when I first bought a small pack and smoked it srtraight dry, underfoil.
One, I didn’t wet it and two I used foil, which cooked the very strong tobacco and made it harsh.
That’s why we use a screen or foil, so that the hookah shisha underneath will not cook, but evaporate the shisha mixture of honey,fruit and glycerine in a way that it slowly dissapates and gives you a good even taste.
If your hookah bowl is smoking, for sure you’ve put on too much coal. packed the shisha too tight for air under the foil to circulate, packed it down lightly but its touching the aluminum foil at the top, or all of the above.
We were all beginning smokers once, and in the beginning I would do all of them at once!
Its hard to believe that putting less shisha in the bowl actually is a smoother smoke, less harsh and will smoke longer than packing twice as much as you need.
Another hint is to pack lower than the aluminum foil so that the sheesha will in no way come close to touching the foil and getting burnt from the charcoal.
I mean to add on to this section much info.
Remember that for sure there are a lot of good ideas on getting a smooth smoke, slowly you learn, and an expert you don’t have to be since we are always learning.
The pleasure of adding to your knowledge is a big part of smoking the hookah and “improves on the taste.” Make the hookah your hobby, too.

I am going to suggest using heavy, heavy duty aluminum foil, since after you’ve poked your holes, you can keep it for many smokes!

4 thoughts on “Aluminum foil or no?”

  1. No wonder! I ordered from a lot of sheesha, and one time I thought that I was “Man enough” to try the Iranian type sheesha. It smelled beautiful when I opened the wrapper, like a real oldtime virgina tobacco. Imagine my face falling as I saw it was all “dried out”. I thoght that I got a bad pack. Well, anyhow I smoked a bowlfull and almost lost a lung.
    I have to wet the leaves first and then rinse?
    Wow, it sure saves weight in shipping no? No wet additives, you supply the h20. So I’ll have to re-order or buy from “Nakhla” a pack of “Zagloul”.
    Bill Freehan

  2. Iranian muassal in a time when the U.N. is sanctioning Iran?
    Buy American tobacco and show your patriotism.
    We can call it
    “Freedom Smokes”.
    Ehud Barach

  3. i just read that using aluminum foil often could lead to alzheimer’s disease?!?! something about the aluminum particulates that combine with the air to form some kind of aluminum oxide that could eff up the brain…

  4. So I just bought a hookha today and forgot everything the guy told me …on how to smoke it! So do you put holes in the tin foil? Also does the tin foil need to be touching what your smoking?


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