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  1. You don’t usually put in anything funny? I’m outa here…no, I’d like to see some more.
    What good is a hookah blog or forum if its staid and depressing full of facts and statements only.
    There is the “groups” googlegroups “hookah-lovers” forum which was made around three years ago for the main reason that the other hookah forums were good, but no humor. Until a year ago the former gu in charge made it that way, and quite a few percentage of the submitted posts were satire, funny, but also quite informative.
    Check out ‘hookah-lovers” group at googlegroups on googlegroups.
    The new person in charge went back to a less attractive way, with a lot of industry postings, but you can read the first 3 or 4 years of thousands of great funny, and good hookah info input.
    hubbly bubbly 4u

  2. Hey, that googlegroup
    Hookah-Lovers is funny, especially the “Monty Python” satires on hookah and such stuff. Also the “Hershal Patel”com postings are a gas.
    Brave Ulysses


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