How to Get a Good Deal on a Hookah

The first hookah I ever bought I got from one of the mediterranean shops you can find in most cities. It cost me $59.95. I thought I got a great deal.

You can imagine my surprise when I found the same hookah (in a different color) on ebay a couple of weeks later for $12.00. I was so much surprised as pissed.

Later, I found out that most of these shops get their hookahs from sellers on ebay because the price just CANNOT be beat. After getting reamed on my first hookah purchase, I’ve only bought hookahs and hookah accesories over ebay. And, although it takes a couple of days to get it, the money saved is WELL worth it.

Since I consider myself quite a master of buying hookahs on ebay, I’ve created a search for all of you out there that weeds out the shit.

All of the Hookahs on the Next Page are:

1. Less than $10 for Buy It Now (No waiting around and bidding for days)

2. Have photos of the actual hookah

3. Are reputable sellers

4. Hookahs, Hoses, Charcoal, and all types of Accesories

So with that, go and take a look and see if you can’t find your own hookah for sale for 10 bucks or maybe find some accesories or another 4-hose hookah at unbelievable prices.

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6 thoughts on “How to Get a Good Deal on a Hookah”

  1. Hi! I’m a journalism student at Northwestern University and I’m writing an article for a class about hookah’s increase in popularity in recent years. I’m trying to find someone to talk to who isn’t a professional, but seems to know a lot about hookah…and I feel like you definitely fit that critria! Would you be interested in answering a few questions for me? It’s basically just opinion type of questions. I’d really appreciate any help you could give me!!! Please email me at if you’re interested. Thanks so much!!!!! -Robin

  2. Hello,
    I liked this article.
    I smoke the hookah on a daily basis and share my big stash of many flavors with friends that come over( i hope the freindshipisn’t based on their love of toking on the pipe!)
    Well one of them was recently in Tunisia and Morocco on a tour around. Of course he wanted to bring home his own Middle-Eastern hookah, at a cheap price to round off the cost of his plane ticket.
    In one of the Arab market souks he looked at many stores offering to sell.”Hey, you student? I sell you cheaper my hookahs”
    He went in and browsed until he found one to his liking, they told him to sit down gave him a cold drink, and filed his pipe with some nice authentic and flavorsome shisha tobacco so that he could smoke it right there.
    Comming home, he came over excitedly and showed me what he purchased. We sat to smoke and both of us enjoyed it, and his stories about the trip.
    Actually, he paid around the same price of the online hookahs that are offered in great quality and big selection at the many shisha stores on the www//.
    After about a month, he came back to visit and told me that he had a problem with the hookah. Each time he opened it to clean it out the stem seemed to be dripping a dark green liquid.
    I asked him if he cleaned it with soap and he said, “no, only with water and a shisha brush specially for a hookah stem top.
    When I took a look, I saw right away the problem, the inside of the stem was copper like metal which evidently just wore down and oozed out this green stuff when in contact with the water on the very bottom of the connection. There was a nut welded at the bottom of the metal pipe quite poorly and a little bit open.
    Not too long ago many Middle-Eastern hookahs all had tha nut welded there, some well and mostly the cheap ones were horrid! (Like his). Basically all of the metal on his hookah was junky. Good for a rich American tourist and great profits in sold quantity to the seller.
    That’s why I only buy online at good sites with my credit card, their back up guarantees hold them responsible for any broken glass or poor merchandise.
    “Hey-you student? I give you good price”.
    Hank Wiliams

  3. Robin,
    Good luck to you but I’m allergic to ebay. When I see their name I get chills.
    “A hookah for $10.00”? on ebay? Well they do want to make a profit, right? Who’s time is even worth the $10.00 to post an ad there?
    Any hookah for ten bucks has to be a 5 inch mini, with mini taste, but a normal sized hookahfor $10 or even twice that cost must have faulty material, cheaply made, with bad metal and poor welding. Go to the established online www//stores like “Southsmoke”, “Hookah-Shisha Central” , “Hookah Kings”,or “” and get a good well made quality nargilah that doesn’t taste like burnt trash when you put good tobacco on it.
    Hank Williams

  4. Yo,
    I gotta agree with Hank Williams in comment number 3, both about buying on ebay (like playing at the casino). I also buy all my shisha tobacco at the online hookah stores. There are a lot whom are certified so you can’t go wrong. Got my second hookah there too in a great package deal with tobacco and accessories at “hookah”.
    Austin Powers 99

  5. Well,I stayed in Detroit when I retired. Alright, you’ll see me down south in Florida so I can catch all the spring season games, but in Detroit (of course the suburbs ) I sometimes make a short drive into Ypsylani,Michigan which is one of the largest Arab populatins outside of the middle-east. They have ethnic shops all over which sell good hookahs, or bad depending on your own expertise, and every and any of all the shisha tobacco available which only they can claim.
    But is the great buy on Al-Fakher shisha at 250.grams at $4.75 a great steal and you of course save around $6 to $7 a pack,or did you forget to look for the silver hologram which proved it authentic?For shame, its 6 year old moldy “Nakhal” in your boxes and you are indeed crying.
    Besides, by law all of the shisha companies write a date of production on the box and anything past two years after is rotting shisha.If you buy 2007 then you’ve 2 years to smoke it. If you don’t looka and it says 2004 then you will quickly have to toss it in the trash can. There -you made a 3 point shot, and you must feel a bit better.
    Just dont be an Abu Ali. Go buy your shisha for maybe more but at least it legally guaranteed, and you don’t have to visit the camel jockies or get ripped off,-or live in Detroit!
    Bill Freehan

  6. The idea of buying a waterpipe hookah on ebay is wierd. Sight unseen? If you are buying something that is massed produced and every copy is the same, or buying art, etc., but hookahs are just not that cheap as these ebay examples are showing. Did the owner burn them out, use them or they are rejects and poor workmanship? Poor quality material ?

    Either go to a lounge and buy what you can hold in your hands, at least you know what you are buying. (Keep in mind that the hookah lounge bought them wholesale online from “Hookah Hub” or another wholesaler on the web and you are putting a profit in their pocket.)
    You can go to a site on the web and get a larger selection of hookahs and prices to choose from.
    Alice bought hers on the “Univac” site, India made hookahs, nice stuff.

    Brer Rabbits of the Bunny Brotherhood of waterpipe smokers.


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