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How To Make Herbal Smoke

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So you want to know How To Make Herbal Smoke? You are looking to make your own, homemade shisha, or sheesha, or some herbal smoke for you and your friends?

The tips and tricks to making herbal smoke are about the same as what you’ll need to make your own flavored shisha. So, I’m going to refer you over to our extremely thourough article on the art of making your own shisha. And heck, you are prolly going to need a hookah to smoke that new stuff out of, so why don’t you slide over and check out some hookahs for the low-low price of $10 bucks! Enjoi!


  • If homemade herbal will taste as good as “Soex” herbal smoke from India, then great!
    I’ve smoked lots of “Soex”com Herbal Smoke on my hookah since I wat to cut down on my intake of nicotine.
    The Soex has no tar and nicotine, and tastes great, with a long list of herbal flavors.
    You don’t get the nicotine kick, but you do get great taste.
    You can get iton the web at a few stores. I bought at “” which has it from India at quick world-wide dlivery and all of the tasty “Soex” flavors. They sell also “Afzal” shishatobacco which is the regular shisha but the taste is anything but regular. Its made by the same company as Soex and the “Afzal” tobacco is cheap , but as a longtime smoker I found this relatively new tobacco shisha terrific, slow smoking with a small bowl going almost an hour and a medium sized bowl for anhour 15. I was happily suprised by the taste, and the length of the smoke.
    Hi Way 61

  • Unfortunately, a number of my players from the team go to the Hookah Lounges in the “awaygame” cities we play in the Major League Baseball.
    No one in baseball was allowed to smoke (except the manager-and that’s me, but at least during the game I don’t touch em.)
    So, they go for the beer, and the women and the hookah ,its all one package anyways. I told my players that they can only smoke Herbal hookah shisha and one of the traiers who goes keeps an I out for me.
    The “Soex” herbal has many flavors and its quite tasty, so they choose it as their shisha smoke.
    This doesn’t meanthatthe manager of the Detroit Tigers is giving his stamp to “Soex”.
    I prefer the “Al-Waha” brand, with around 50 flavors and a big nicotine thrill.
    Jim Leyland

  • Well, I’ve tried Soex com Herbal too, and was quite suprised that they tase very nice, but I prefer the jolt of nicotine and the larger slection of flavors.
    If my granny smoked hookah, I’d buy her a large ammount of Soex herbal.NO-I’m serious.
    Rahs Banana-the “Banana Head”

  • “Herbal” shisha???
    I know of only one herb to smoke and we grow our own brand here in Jamaica, its a brand called “home-grown”, its herbal, has no tobacco and hits you like a water buffalo on snow skis.
    But you want smoking shisha tobacco, try “Saet Safa”, “Al-Ouns” “Abed- El Khader”, “Nakhla”,”Al-Fakher”.”Afzal ” from India and if you’re still hankering for no tobacco herbal then “Soex” herbal is best
    Desmon Dekker

  • So just wondering, where is the herbal shisha recipie? All I saw was how to mix tobacco with fruit to make tobacco shisha. Please Respond ASAP

  • True, where is the recipe? I have looked all over the internet on how to make some herbal, but this is the only place that makes reference to making your own.

  • I also want to know how to make that herbal flavour please please i smoke hubbly every week and it costs alot

  • nice stuff.

  • so i accidentally bought soex, thinking there was tobacco in it, (oops) is it possible to put loose tobacco with the soex?

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