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Hubbly Bubbly Side Effects

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Thinking about Hubbly Bubbly Side Effects?  Wondering if smoking the hookah is going to have a bad effect on your health?  Did someone tell you that the hubbly bubbly has side effects that might put you in the hospital and you want to see if they are telling the truth?

Although there isn’t much testing on the subject, most doctors and hookah smokers agree that the side effects of hubbly bubbly are minimal compared to cigarettes.¬† I’m not a doctor, but I can make a guess at some of the reasons why:

  1. You only smoke the hubble bubble once every few days or even a couple of weeks- it isn’t like you are smoking a pack a day
  2. Shisha, or sheesha, isn’t pocessed with the same chemicals as our tobacco in ciggarettes.
  3. Shisha, or sheesha, is filtered through a lot of water before it goes into your lungs.

And from what I can tell, there are a LOT of great side effects why you’d want to start smoking the hubble bubble (in moderation).

  1. Meet new friends.  Having lots of friends IS good for your health.
  2. Get rid of some of the extra cash in your wallet.
  3. Because you have a reason to sign up for TheHookahLounge email that gives you the best hookah tips, ettiquette, and reasons to keep puffing.  You can find that email sign-up in the top right corner of this page!

OK, so I’m not a doctor, but nothing bad has happened to me since I started smoking.¬† In fact, I ran nine miles the other day faster than my friends who don’t smoke, so one could say that the side effects of Hubbly Bubbly is the ability to run far and fast.

If you want to find out what the side effects of hubbly bubbly is first hand, you are going to need to smoke yourself.  And if you are going to smoke yourself, you are going to have to buy a hookah and make some shisha.  Enjoi!


  • Look at it like this, a much bigger side-affect is in not enjoying the pleasure of setting up your hookah, choosing the flavor you’d like to toke right now, light up and relax with friends.Shisha Yom Yom

  • Shisha Yom Yom
    in Arabic :
    “Shisha every day, every day”.
    What more can I say?

  • smoking is bad no matter what form
    September 24th, 2007 at 1:48 pm

    Although many believe that the water in the hookah filters out all the “bad stuff” in the tobacco smoke, this isn’t true. According to a recent World Health Organization (WHO) advisory, a typical one-hour session of hookah smoking exposes the user to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from a single cigarette. Even after passing through the water, the tobacco smoke produced still contains high levels of toxic compounds, including carbon monoxide, heavy metals and cancer-causing chemicals (carcinogens). Hookah smoking also delivers significant levels of nicotine ‚Äî the very addictive substance in tobacco

  • All depends on what you put in the Hookah. If you smoke tobacco, yes it is probably worse than cigarettes except for the volume of daily smoking. Now if you use Herbal Shisha, the effects are negligible because there is not tobacco, no tar, no nicotine and none of the harmful addictive stuff one finds in industrial tobacco products. Not saying that the smoke is 100% great for you, but it is not nearly as bad as a tobacco based product and the positive side effects are wonderful.

  • hubly not horrible 4 u
    December 22nd, 2007 at 6:07 pm

    i egree with jd, but have u ever looked at the water after smoken (thank goodnes that doesnt reech ouer lungs) its not pretty but i want 2 know wich hublys are healthier the big or the small 1 and hou much water is healthiest.


  • im doing a test on this hubbly and the results i get is shokking!!

  • hubbly rocks mann!!! its awesome with its diifernt types of flavas specialy the mmmmint! 🙂 its fun and its a sociable activity.

  • k…what are they?

  • I’ve bought myself a hubbly and my father allows me to smoke cigarettes but he doesn’t want me to smoke the hubbly he says it will kill me (fool) so do you think that the normal flavours is bad for you or not?

  • To be honest, Ive smoked hubbly bubbly for 3yrs now, ill give you guys tips, the taste of hubbly bubbly nicotine is flavored its not like Cigarette, because ciga… affect you more, Hubbly bubbly is better then Cigarette i guess, because i was a heavy smoker but now i smoke hubbly bubbly & quited Cigarette 🙂 , But the best way to smoke a hubbly bubbly is by eating alot til your full, then smoking it!, trust me 100% better try it out!

  • I love hubbly

  • yo man hubbly is the best smoking thing in the world…the best way to smoke hubbly is eatin alot first then smoking thats the best trust me ive got six years smoking hubbly and i can run for hours and swim

  • I lik to smoke hubbly with my friends. My dad dosn’t lik me smoking hubbly but he smokes cigarettes. I love hubbly it’s the best!!!

  • its jus too gud. .the best way to get rid of tension

  • i smoke it alot with friends and no negative effect so far check my health records clean as a wistle

  • I only smoke hubbly wit my frnds cus its awsome

  • i smoke at lest 13 hubs a day. Wel nli ths year.b4 it ws 6. An i bn smkn it 4 4 years. An im stil alive.hahaha

  • I have been searching everywhere for information about hubbly?? Can anyone give me some sites that are worth looking at??

  • I love hubly it makes me relax and the best is its not nearly as harmful as a sigaret and my social life increased dramatikly just do it me and my buds go thru 2 pakets of flawour a week

    and whover says its bad for ya can go suck on one…
    MINT is th Best
    and it is not bad because its all natural
    well not 100% natural but is about 90% natural because its mainly “”fruit essence””!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    soo all of the poeple that say its bad can go jump!!!

    anyway hubbly or agili or sheesha is the best smoke there is!

  • I love to smoke the hubbly bubbly it is amazing it makes me run 10 miles a day. Back in the day i used to smoke in Iraq and all my friends did too and ther perfectly healthy except for the one who blew himself himself. I kept his hooka in his memory i miss him so much

  • to that fool of man called ‘smoking is bad no matter what form’your an idiot. If you look at the main reason people get cancer from cigarettes is tar. Hubly tabaco has no tar what so ever, and only 0.1% of a box is nicotine. Get educated fool

  • i love hubbly, and highly doubt that it can hav any negative side effects

  • had a try last night
    all i can say wow wow wow am shopping for one

  • hubbly very nice

  • i smoke at least 3 hubbleys a day every day, for some strange reason it helps with my ashma . Ive gone from 6 inhalers a month down to 3 a month.
    hubbley rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I smoke hubbly at least once a day, and let me tell you its the best way to clear a blocked throught. IT ROCKS!!!!

  • Im from SA and ive been smoking hooka for a little over a year now and i find that eating a good meal before really makes it much more lekker and also putting ice cold water into the bowl with crushed ice yoh ;-). Also try replacing the bowl with a 5 litre bottle: more space more smoke 😀 you can almost make a slinky with all circles you can blow

  • firstly many people say hooka makes u get water on ur lungs.i smoke it everyday n im stil fit as a fiddle.the smoke we inhale gets FILTERED in the water which makes it totali safe.enough said…tym to smoke those things

  • i have also heard that and im a serious hubbly lover and havent heard anyone with that..

  • hubbly rockz, infact it shuf b smoked in parliament

  • Hubbly Bubbly is a great thing! I hate that everyone is trying to find something wrong with it! I’ve smoked almost everyday for the last 2 years and i’m doing great! I do a medical every year, no problems there! & what the hell are the people doing these tests putting in their hubblies?!?

  • best ever

  • hooka is ayoba

  • U clever people who is trying to make us stop smoking HuBlEy, stop waisting your time and smoke it with uS!!!

  • Hubly rockssssssss

  • hubbly has no bad effects so al you hu hvnt tryd it nw isthe tym

  • I think hubbly is da best,iv bn smoking it 4 months nw n m stl healthy,u can also try it ya rocka!

  • I’ve been smoking hubbly for a year now and started building my own!! It’s the best thing since water… Bad for me?? No freggin way! Mail me @ for pics on my hub’s!

  • i love it and it doesn`t have anything bad,i will never stop smoking it.


  • hubbly bubbly is wonderfull, i m usingf it from last year, but i think there is no side efect, but wat is the future, we cannot say

  • wake up u idiots its not healthy but suffer if you dont
    beleive me

  • wake up wake up all parents who think its harmless

  • My friends I just had my first hubbly bubbly and I am not a smoker but hubbly-B is the best, in Soweto we say (e etsa masepa) I love it, its like MTN its ayoba

  • amy.random.chickie
    August 17th, 2011 at 10:05 am

    listen hubbly isnt good for you! i know you may all think that its chilled to smoke hub coz i do but it does affect your body! but i honestly couldnt care less:) its fun, relaxing and always brings people together for a chilled convo.. i love it! but the smoke from a hubbly is alot thinner than the smoke from a cig allowing you 2 inhale more. that isnt very good for your body but hey, who really cares nowdays xXx

  • how do you turn your smokes culler

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