Wednesday, June 4th, 2008...5:28 am

Fail Safe

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One reason I have 7 hookahs, is cuz I’m lazy. I want to clean the hookahs like everything else as less as possible. 7 Hookahs means that I can smoke awhile before cleaning. Lazy or not, I don’t see any reson to clean the hookah after every smoke. So here I was smoking 7 different flavours and they all taste the same, disgusting and no real recognized taste. So I just broke down and cleaned 2. Put on strawberry. You guessed it….I taste¬† clean strawberry. There is a limit to filth. And I did that after cleaning a week’s dishes by hand.(I don’t have a dishwashing machine).

Thank you to the author of “The Hookah manual” cleaning chapter :

Thanks to eHow

cleaning video :

clean your hookah with beer :


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