Hookah-Shisha videos?

Hookah smoking is enjoyed not just by young dawgs like you.

Here are some geezers a bit older than myself in Amman,Jordan. I wonder what the restaurant charged them for a smoke???¬†I couldn’t upload a larger photo. hopefully you can click on it and it will enlarge. (But then, you’ve seen senior citizens before no? Just use the old imagination.

There are tons of DIY and “how to do it” hookah videos, shisha reviews or just a group of giggly young college girls smoking hookah, trying to look cool¬†and cute ¬†all with the knowledge that the old biological clock is so prejudiced toward women.

Instead of what I did before i.e. download YouTube hookah  videos, there are so many now available I am going to let YOU go to YouTube and pick out your own fancy. Out of hundreds.

I see so far 21 pages starting here :


Hookah 1

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