He Stuck His Hookah ,Where?

I have different dance videos here for you to watch and listen to. The music is great in all .

But this is not for the faint of heart.

“He stuck his hookah,WHERE?” (See below)

If you don’t like to SEE “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves” belly dancing, then, fine, the music is great as it is alone. If you don’t like to watch the Brazilian dance “Lambada”, then¬† move the screen and just listen. AND if you don’t like to see only men dancing with other men, just listen to¬† the music of¬† “Zorba the Greek” .This movie was made when I was around 10 or so quite along time ago and in some cultures men ONLY dance with men, and with women its not allowed.

Last warning : if you feel the urge to get up and dance yourself, please move your hookah to the corner of the room, and don’t try to dance with the hose in your hand!

“Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves”

note: from watching years back¬† too many Arab films, there are love scenes followed by the loving couple arguing a bit and the Ms. gets slapped around, but only with the open palm of the hand, and never any kicking. They are mostly from the late 1950’s.like this one :


next video is “Lambada” I love the song, but tune out the view

 1989 hit still hot !


Anthony Quinn plays Zorba the Greek.He  also played the Pope, various Arabs, Cyprus patriot vs. the  N. Germans,  and 50 other ethnic roles. He is or was American


 Raks shisha dance. Please try this at home, not in the hookah lounge!


¬†Would you believe 25 dancers with hookahs on Their heads? Not here, but this is great” ethnic dancing,” unless you are Irish.


Since I’ve seen before even better Celtic dancing, and I don’t want to sell them short, I’ll add a better one!


This is the best I think, very artistic.


You can finish your fith pint of Dark Guiness Lager  and wach this.

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