Hey, don’t pick the flower,appreciate it in its natural habitat”

The new “Lotus” east Asian beautiful pond flower which is frowned-upon to pick, is usually attached to a large green water lily, and is appriciated as a subject for deep contemplation and Meditation, because not only of its natural beaty, but the fact that the flower opens and closes quickly soon after during the day, usually very early in the morning, and you must get up very early pre-sunrise to catch its glory. G-D shows His glory for a short time only, at prayer¬† times, and then “hides his face”. The “Lotus” flower teaches to remember that G-Dly beauty all day long in the mental and emotional strenghts of each person, which teaches us to do even more in our persual of G-D all day, in the middle of business, raising a family, sickness and other things which help hide the Creators flower Lotus, but really to persue G-D’s face even in trial and tribulation. After all, He is showing us the beauty of Nature at various times, and this helps us remember the positive good things in life.

After All HE/She is the Spirit and the nature as the complete each other in these physical worlds.

Click on this link here to see the¬† special beauty of an open Lotus, which will never close for you, while you smoke this fantastic and aestetic hookah.(Don’t forget who Created the Lotus, and who gave talent to people in order that they may display that beauty in great hookah craftmenship. The paint¬† design, colours, the well made special base were all done by G-D given talents. The painter with the brush could not bring his art fro brain to heart, to draw it with his fingers without G-D being his muse and inspiration. Sometimes the painter will recieve all those gifts, but wake up to find that his fingers are so stiff, he¬† can’t even pick up chop-sticks to eat his morning after devotions meal. How then can he paint ?

 all beauty, talent, muse, strength comes from G-D and for  the small investment you may own this hookah yourself.

scroll down this page link to see details and large photo of the artistically well made “Lotus


Hookah 1

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