Going back to the Dormitory or Frat. and univ.

Many of you readers are probably going for the first time to university, or back again. And its a “high time” you’ll be having with your hookah¬† all set up. That is, if you remembered to bring it along, or it didn’t get broken, etc.

Here I’d like to offer a suggestion…When you know which dorm¬† and room area you’ll be in, get a few smokers-o-the-Hookah-together for a smoking plan session.

On this link and page by Smoking-Hookah.com you will see a great idea. “Package deals”. All you need to do is to vote on the best package for your group and split the price exactly to the penny, equally.


These packages each come with all you may need for good pleasurable smoking. As time goes on, you may find the need for¬† charcoal¬† separate or more shisha to smoke. This can alll be divided equally. Secondly as I had writte in a post a few months ago, you can set up a¬† site web on the universities computer to offer to trade shisha that you bought and decide you don’t want. Trade offs are quite common online.¬† “Smoking Hookah .com” has all these packages :


You could even go one up, and contact “Smoking-Hookah.com” about their affiliate deals. You can get a percentage by selling other people at the university¬† hookah packages, or shisha only, or just coal, or hookahs. There must be hundreds of people out there since the summer waiting for their own shisha set¬† and have no idea on how to do that. These various hookah packages suit that exact need for beginners, or those with much hookah experience. Its just an all-in-one plan to make your side work easier. Heck, you can have like dear Grand-Mother’s old¬† “Tuppperware””Tupperware” plastic bowl container parties”, or in later years when Mommy went to the “Botox Parties” or “The Sex Toys ” selling parties that reaped in big profits for those luck and smart intreperneurs. (That could be you!!).

Now, while you must be careful, I would suggest sticking your wet tongue back into the cave of its mouth before you bite it off. Come to this link


and then to the “ccontact” page and ask Smoking-Hookah.com what’s in it for you?


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