Sunday, September 9th, 2007...4:30 pm

Its SOEX coals time again!

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I was using natural coals lately and another brand of quicklite charcoals, and I decided to splurge when I saw that “” has Soex coals again in stock.

What a difference!!!–ite-charcoals.asp

First of all lighting them does not give off the big plumes of smelly smoke in your room! The sparks on it are very tiny and take 20 seconds to light once started with you match. No flying coals here. They give off a lot of heat, I use less coal and the coal does last at least 40 minutes if not more as promised! I’d give it a try!

Secondly Soex makes the brand of non-tobacco shisha under the name “Soex” suprisingly tasty.

And for us nicotine fiends the strongest¬† India tobacco with strong nictotine kick and fine taste, Soex makes “Afzal Shisha”. Try all three here on this site link

Tried their melon and mint Al-Fakher which is not sold locally, and forgot how good they taste too, and such a long lasting smoke.

Get some for your back–to-university package!

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