Home made Herbal shisha

I was asked today how to make home made hookah shisha non-tobacco herbal only.

I was just about to write a post about home  made shisha tobacco and that i will do, but to address the home made herbal I would first go  to a search engine. The basis of any shisha is tobacco. What is the basis for herbal?   Hay ground up?sure looks like it to me since herbal has this tiny thin short reeds in it, you can tell by looking or touching that its non-tobacco.

I will search now…from what I see on the internet there is nothing. Evenif you try on your own, experimentation like the homemade tobacco I did today is expensive. You don’t usually get perfect results the first time and need to use the same materials in lesser or greater quantities all over again. I have always found that the best results and cheapest are buying from a company who has researched, experimented and comes out with a finished product. Its cheaper and easier.

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