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Hookah Blog time

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So its hookah blog time! It used to be¬†ONLY hookah blog time, but¬† I spend quite a lot of time on various¬† great hookah forums which in a a moment I’ll tell you about and link you up!¬† I had written in the last 2 years tons of posts here, but such are the rules of cyberspace that¬† WordPress wouldn’t allow an archive but only selected edited shortened posts .

Once there were only 2 main hookah forums , one run by a certain hookah selling company, and one indie. The indie became gigantic and became not only that but quite the authority and final word on hookah with many great members who know how  to fit a square even into a round hole! Many people who had or were learning engineering or had a great background in tool working especially metal working offered ideas on how to fix or create things to add on the hookah experience.

I am talking about “The Hookah Forum. com”¬†They are totally independentof¬† any tobacco shisha producers or sellers or hookah sellers which is not the general case—most of the many hookah forums you find belong specifically to the online company site, not a bad idea at all, but they are prejudiced of course to their own. Not so “”.

Along came” Hookah Domain”¬†with great graphics and a very well set up site technically and blossomed overnight to a few hundred members and¬† then snowballed so fast their membership that¬† they have reached the same ammount of members as Now we must remember that many people sign up¬† and never post, just reading the site, or many stay for a while and stop comming back so as to total actual members we only have the numbers.

What I saw right away by “Hookah Domain” forum was the friendliness and togetherness of the members from the start. If I am not mistaken it MUST be since they have many more women members. That has to be the one and only reason, no?

Next in number with also a nice forum but less members is 

“Hookah Pro” forum¬†. Very nice forum also as the previous 2 independent.

Now, rather than¬† give you the links to all the hookah forums which are dependent on their own home brand company and spend¬† a few hours doing so, just go to any search engine and type in “Hookah Shisha” or “Hookah products” etc, and a large list of companies will come up and many do have limited forums with sometimes no more than 5 posts or maybe¬† a hundred max.

So now you know why I haven’t been posting here so much for a matter of months, also my pc broke down and I was sans pc for a month.

The hookah forums are loads of fun, the discussions of various shisha flavours, opinions on them, and where to find etc, etc. Go see the 3 above.

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  • Nice write up on the hookah networks. but, is owned by a hookah vendor. they are owned by hookah kings. from what i know they are the only ones owned by a hookah company. it is a good forum but they only talk about the same products.
    great article other than that!

  • Adam, I believe you, though myself I am allowed space as a vendor for and I and many companies write in their vendor section!
    Same on “Hookah Domain” a big, big friendly forum. Wow all the others are linked only to their own companies-we can’t publicize our product and no one else does either!

  • Well, I certainly find out something new so thanks for the information.

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