New on the shelf-“Orient” shisha

Orient Tobacco has a great line of shisha tobacco which is manufactured in Deutschland (Germany),Europe. Great for you in Europe or Asia who want to get your hands on some great shisha and don’t want to pay millions on long distance¬† shipping, yet close enough¬† to America¬† as shipping from California shisha companies to lets say New York is almost the same distance.

Orient in Germany is ONLY a wholesaler shipping to online hookah products companies.

Here are their 13 flavours and Web Site :

Its been translated at google search into english.

2 thoughts on “New on the shelf-“Orient” shisha”

  1. In the meantime I continue to smoke more of the flavours that you can see on the above post.
    The “Orient” shisha Tabacco is really something special and I especially love their wide range of fruit flavours.
    Please see the link in this post.
    Shisha Bubbly

  2. When I was in Germany last summer, some friends took me to a Shisha-Bar, where I had the pleasure to smoke the Orient Shisha Tobacco. Well…I was overwhelmed!!! At the same time I couldn’t comprehend why you can’t find this brilliant tobacco outside Germany, especially in the U.K. or U.S. Anyway, the next time I’m in Germany, I gonna fill up my bags full of that delicious stuff!



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