Hookah Tips 4 Squirrels

Squirrell says:

use background lighting behind your hookah

off your P.C. ! use as an LED backlight!

¬†for special lighting effects, bulbs, neon lights, “glow sticks”,

 coloured candles! Incense

 would be cool too.

incense with coloured lights behind it and the hookah would be great!and good music

you choose

I’ve mentioned under “hookah tables”(see archives)


how to make a rotating hookah table, or an end table to keep your hookah from falling over. Best tip, put the narghilah on the floor.

Use tin foil under the hookah so any burning coals will torch your rug .

try mixing your shisha the best way using even 2 different brands of tobacco with  un-even  ammount % of glyceryine.

You will see NAKHLA is¬† around 19% glyceryine and Abed El-Khader or Al-Sultan with 26%. If mixed inthe same bowl it won’t smoke evenly.Ugh!

This double-header will keep that from happening since  each burns separatel.    (Just smoked the said combo in a 2 header!).

or get a gigantic “Party Bowl” which holds a few hours of good smoking without tamping your shisha down too much, you’ll have room for airspace much needed.

Get them at this link below :


“Some” companies are suggesting that you hold your¬† shisha in…the refidgerator????whata?Crazy thing to do.

your hose mate?

You know about acclimating shisha, right? Well,¬† the fridge has a quite high humidity level. Your shisha, and you will be shocked upon smoking it, and it’ll get rancid.


try some wine, vodka with fruit juice in your water bowl for a kick.  Add icecubes to cool it!

Did you clean your hookah lately? Give it the shaft once in awhile to get the gunk out.

 I use a bit of dishwashing soap in the cleaning of everything,

 no need to sandblast!

¬†don’t¬† forget the ball bearing! If soap washes off your dishes with warm water and NO AFTERTASTE, you can believe you won’t taste it, but you’ll have to rinse 3 times at least. I have a number of hookahs, have been smoking hookah for over 6 years and none of my friends complain (even before they are boozed).

No aftertaste

Hookah 1

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