Hose check

Inhaling air when you smoke and toke is not so pleasant.

Check ALL your connections for a leak. Plain old toilet paper is great for plugging leaks.

I am smoking this very hookah hose :

I realized after using it often a slight  leak in the hose  connection. I think it was from being less than gentle

in using and storage.

You can use the sticky kind of electric tape which is perfect to seal 100%, try putting those coloured pony-tail¬† elastic rings to cover it up. I like them as added colour to my hoses. I know its so Levantine, but so is hookah. I live¬† “somewhere in the Middle-East” so its nice added deco.

To check your hose don’t¬† put water in it, but puff and blow out the smoke. If you see smoke “there is¬† no fire”¬† just a leak.No need to throw out the hose.


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