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How to clean “Washable Hoses”

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Hi, So you want to wash out your hose after a number of uses its feeling stale! This is only something you can do IF it is washable. Almost every hose is corregated for support inside with wire which tend to rust after awhile from moisture even if you don’t ever wash them.

But if you did spend a bit more on what was advertised as “washable” and are willing to take a chance…..

take some water mixed with lemon juice, pour it in and hold your thumbs over both openings. Swish it around, up and down for a few short minutes and let the water flow out. Now here is the problem: If its just hung up to dry now it could still rust. One tip as a friend told me is vacumning the hose with a vac cleaner!

Crazy but quite smart. Vacumn for a few minutes and that should get all the moisture. Or if you have access to a machine working shop, the very best thing is an air pressure hose which will blow all the drops out and dry the hose 100% ! Or, maybe a carwash place off the street! You can wash under  pressure and blow it dry on the hose!

¬†This is the hose fitting for an air hose…..Looks familiar no ? Which will be in the next post. With me good ideas don’t always come from my head, often¬† with G-D’s Help I trip over them!

If there is any moiture left in a washable hose, depending on which kind it CAN rust. I am not going to promise that it will, since it could be a new genuine washable.

Like I’ve written before, their are some great p.v.c. hoses especially made for the hookahs which can’t physically rust ever.Both from “”

¬†Or as I’ve written ,with photos you take your hose¬† handles and¬† mouthpiece from your old rusted hose and bring ’em down to the hardware store to size a clear or coloured p.v.c. hose to the size you want. Check to see that its not too thick as the hose attatched to the hookah can flip it! I have done¬† this and was happy.

Hookah 1

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