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“Super Bowl” all year Round

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Well, football fans whether you be of the American persuaison, or Canadian¬† I am not so stupid as to talk about THAT “Super Bowl” great all time sporting event so early in the playing ¬†season. I watched the very first one on T.V. in the year of 1967. I’d like to ask a question here which even Wikipedia does not discuss in the below¬† article of Super Bowl History¬† :

What if “Super Sunday” falls on monday of that year? Or maybe it is a “Leap Year”. What if Super Sunday falls on Thanksgiving Day? You DO stuff¬† your face for both occaisons. How will you show your honouring of each? Oh yeah, First a bite of turkey, then “a beer”, some cranberry sause, and then some potato chips, another “cold one”, and then a glass of wine.Awful confusing.And where would they do the “Half-Time” celebrations? Of¬† course, on 5th avenue N>Y>C> at Macy’s Parade!

The last time I watched football, Jim Brown was halfback for the Cleveland Browns. I actually was at a game must have been 1965-66 and for sure below freezing outside. These guys at least had their blood moving and I wanted 1,000 times to get up and leave the game.

Here, this  is something that will warm your heart, thrill your taste buds and go quite easy on your credit card.

It is literally A “Super ” bowl, but called the “Party Bowl” by the only company that sells it :

In football there is the “Rose Bowl” “Orange Bowl”, “Super Bowl” and “Bowling Green Bowl”.(“little” pun)

I present to you the “Party Bowl” . It comes in at least 3 colours that I’ve seen.

Now, I notice that this is a quite ambigous photo, it could be a tiny bowl! I found it on google search under “Hookah party bowl”.

The link to party bowl for  details

Now here they say it can fit in 50-70 grams, which is leaving 20 grams up in the air, as I state here, my  brown one purchased earlier is a bit smaller than the larger yellow at 90 grams minimum. The brown fits for me 80 with light packing and without raising the level too high.

The price is $8.5 which is quite nice.

To compare prices and size, look at this link.

The blue hookah bowl here is the “large” 25 gram ceramic bowl, not the “Party bowl” of 90. To check size, I just took my wind-cover which they sold me and put the gigantic party bowl to its bottom circumfrence. The wind cover is 10 milimeter and the party bowl a bit over 9 like I mention in the measurements, so look at the bottom of the wind-cover to get an idea.

By the way, this package deal is nice,

Dark blue, dark brown, and light day-glo yellow. I noticed that the which I recieved a half year after the brown is even more gigantic. Now, as you know, most of the average-sized small bowls are around 12-15 gram shisha ammount size. All according to how much you put in, if you put in too high or as you are supposed to, below aluminum foil level.If you put in too much and tamp it down, their is little air flow and this will cause smoke and burning of the shisha for sure.So 12-15 grams.

There are glass bowls, new high -kneck funnel bowlsboth which I have never seen in the middle east.

The “Party bowl” DOES have a 3 inch funnel support under the large bowl. It is not top heavy and I’ve never had it even wobble.

On every single bowl of shisha that I use, whether it be the 15¬† gram small, 25 gram, 50 gram, or the “Party bowl”.

The “Party bowl” is around¬† enough room for at least 90 grams, which is a lot. For me the plus on using it is that I don’t have the urge to put in just a little more shisha. It has plenty of room so it has great air-flow. And I don’t need to pack close to¬† the top, so there is never a chance that the shisha is anywhere near the aluminum foil to singe or burn it.

¬†I first put the bowl lightly on the topmost rubber grommet lightly to test it, then whip out my trust on–the-site roll of toilet paper , tear a block and make a cross-cut X shape with my thumb, put that on the grommet and then put the shisha bowl on. Every bowl I do that. Sometimes I find I need another small piece, or even the same size again, since each tpe of¬† clay, glass , acrylic¬† and ceramic bowl are of varying diameter. Works like a charm when you twist it on. Don’t leave much paper over-lapping the sides so that if there are fallen sparks or coal on the hookah tray it will not ignite. It won’t be dangerous since it’ll burn up to the bowl and go out, but it stinks worse than anything.

I would suggest the party bowl  for :  people who have a good supply of shisha. At 9o grams a session, you need to have lots in your stash. Makes easy mixing by the way.You can add it in flavour level by level over a wide area. For those with a multiple hose hookah and a few friends smoking, it has to be a great idea.

I’m going to measure the bowl from one side to the next, and approximate the depth which will be harder…… it’s measurement incuding the rim is 2 and 3/4 inch from side to side.In milimeters I got a better reading of a bit over 9 milimeters across.That’s 6.4 inch circumfrence around.

Just measured the depth in my primitive way with the same¬† tailor’s measure so¬† if you know math maybe you’ll have an idea. From rim to the center of the bowl is exactly 2 inches. Since I don’t want to mislead anyone, I won’t quote the depth.To my best ability I measured the depth at 1 and 1/2 inches.

Now these are actual measurements. After purchasing various sized hookkas from different¬† companies of minis, junior, medium size, large very large, it never fails. The so-called 19 inch hookah is measured with the 2 and 1/4 inch ceramic shisha bowl, and they throw in the common 2 inch addition against the “Evil Eye” or whatever. So the 19 inch hookah is really around 15 inch. This is general practice, and its¬† like talking to¬†a businessman ¬†from the Middle East.

” Bromees yu ha sheepment by next week. That means 12 days.

Or when you talk to a guy in a bar and he says he can drink 24 beers in an evening. Or  he fights off women with a stick wherever he goes, and no one has approached him in 2 hours already.

Those stats on the “Party Bowl” are true. A word of warning though. I might write a book on the “Party Bowl” one day.¬† Sometimes the smoke is great, sometimes no matter how carefully I pack, it over-heats. It depends on how much coal, what kind, how long the smoking is going on. If its only one person it’ll be¬† cooler than 5 taking tokes time after time. With so much space here you need to experiment with where and when to move the coals, how many holes, etc.

Still, since I’m a big smoker, I use both a lot.I should say “lazy” too, since this does save time. I¬†prepare a few bowls in advance, so if I’m using 15 gram bowl, I have to take out this shisha and that and that and etc.Foil here, foil there, holes. Here I can do it all in the exact same time 90 grams as if 15.And I rarely have problems.

Again, the only company offering this bowl is “” onine. I have seen them sold at one store in Jerusalem, one in Haifa on the west coast north and one inland from there. So if you want to come to Israel, if not, has sister companies in Germany, France, all over America and ships all over the world, even to New Zeeland for example.

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  • I never was any good at football, but I do plan to kick some A-ss this year in the Baseball World Series again! Nice post!

  • our.fearless.leader1937
    September 28th, 2007 at 6:50 am

    Am. Football just big capitalist plot to keep the masses of down-trodden poor workers in their place, but must say these nice the big big shisha bowl.Must order many and give to our soldiers who get war medals to make happy!

  • This is not real football as played all over the world. That is International and a real “Mondial” each of the top countries competing. This bowl is quite nice, must try it.

  • This is a good plan to dream up such a large bowl. I should order one.
    Jules Verne

  • We’re all ready hedging bets on the Super Bowl.Nice sheesha bowl!

  • I bought one at seems like only they sell em.great for parties and big groups.

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