WANTED-Hookah Bar Worker

If you saw in the work wanted ads a job as a worker in a hookah bar would YOU take it?

Imagine waiting on tables of 5-6 eople asking the same questions¬† 15 times a night like : “What, I don’t see grass on the menu”, or ” are those coals hot?”. Then there are the show-off types that will¬† try to let everyone know how knowledgable they are and get you into a deep discussion of all the ins and outs of hookah detail. Worse are the guys who call you over after 2 beers with the dumb jokes¬† at your expense like “do you get to ¬†smoke for free here?” a question asked at least every hour every night for as long as you work. ¬†They thought they were being original. Try to smile and not lose your cool or they will complain to your boss. The people at a lounge¬†are¬† rowdier than any restaurant for sure. Then someone shoves a camera at you and asks you to take a picture of them in all the typical poses like 2 girls kissing witha hookah mouthpiece stuck up their noses. But you’ve seen all that 500 times so it could get boring.

Or maybe you’ll be working behind the bar with the hot coals. With so many coals it could get quite smokey, hot and dangerous. The contant cleaning of hoses and hookah parts.

quite a job. I wonder if they get any tips.“Harried Harrietta”

get ready for a joke at your expense….

seems that everyone smokes narghilah.

¬†here it comes, another “joke”.

Many lounge/bars have top entertainers :

I actually saw Elvis Presley perform in Blackstone, Idaho at a hookah bar in 2004.

So if you are thinking of working in a hookah bar, think twice. It could be alright. The only one who’s going to get the good tips are the dancers, if there are any. For that you can shave, put on a wig, make-up and learn to cover yourself with the coloured twirly fans at the right time.Anyone can do it.

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3 thoughts on “WANTED-Hookah Bar Worker”

  1. I don’t “work” in a shisha bar, as you know, but I do “work” all ’round town in New York City and have smoked in lots of them.Don’t tell Joe Torre!

  2. Very decadent these hookah bars.Exploiting the bar workers! I want my people off the street after dark, let them smoke hookah at home.


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