Thursday, September 27th, 2007...1:53 pm

Know Your Coals

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So I burned a nice bowl of shisha yesterday.”Right off the bat”. Firstly, I’m smoking with some brand new bowls I recieved to try that have a very small diameter. Normaly¬† I smoke with a larger bowl, so I put on a coal and a half since I like strong smoke, 3 half pieces.I guess the small bowl couldn’t take all that heat. It is a super small diameter bowl.

Also, I have on hand “Nakhla” quick-lite, “Pegasus” quickLite and “Soex Quik-Lite

 and each one gives off a different level of heat. So it needs playing around with. One thing, I never tamp down the tobacco in the bowl so the air  can circulate well and if I did, for sure it would burn,nor do I put the shisha too high so that it would touch the aluminum foil and burn for sure!

Takes working with.

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  • I like the Soex coals since they don’t fire – up with big, smelly clouds.

  • I like the soex easy burn coals they don’t make any smoke.Do you want the fire department to come every time you lite your charcoals?

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