I am begging you to comment, say something, anything….

Hey to all of you out there who have been coming by but not saying anything… yeah you. Leave a comment. I would prefer if this was a bit of a dialouge. Hookahs are no fun alone, nor are Hookah Lounge websites, so throw me a bone and write something, ANYTHING. What’s your favorite blend? Where are you from? Salt or pepper? Would you like fries with that?

2 thoughts on “I am begging you to comment, say something, anything….”

  1. Hello all! This is in response to your plea for a comment. I figure that since I have some time to waste and nowhere to waste it I might as well help someone out. I like to be a Samaritan sometimes. OK, enough bullshit. How about hookahs?
    I am actually a pipe smoker but my friends like to pull out the hookah from time to time. It is an enjoyable experience that can turn a boring night into something a little more. Not a lot, but a little. When I smoke my pipe I need to smoke it in private or else it loses its rhythmic value. But the hookah is something we can all sit down and enjoy. It is like playing cards, it lets you do something while you sit and talk.
    Most people I know that smoke the hookah are already smokers and have very little concern about it’s side effects on their health. If they die it will be from cigarettes not the hookah.
    I didn’t read the site thoroughly, so this might be elsewhere; but what we do is substitute the water for milk. When we do this it seems to make the smoking smoother.
    There are some questions you should be asking yourself, these questions include: 1. “Who is this guy and why is he telling me this?”, 2. “Is this guys social problems so bad that he feels the need to post long comments on NOTHING?”, 3. “How can I stop this guy from typing?”. The last one that you should ask yourself is, 4. “Can someone shoot me in the head?”.
    The answers to these questions are, in order: my name is Wayne and i am bored, yes, kill yourself and you won’t know if he keeps typing, no but i can give you a cigarette.
    I give anyone explicit consent to change what i wrote in anyway that might prevent suicide.
    I know that sometimes I am long winded. Imagine me if I didn’t smoke 🙂


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