Going out to the Hookah BAR

It’s the end of a long week. Lots of work. I started a job and had to quit within two days because the food was awful. I can’t work at a restaurant that serves awful food. To boot, the food took forever to come out and the kitchen looked like a disaster area. Sadly, I signed something (tricky lawyers) when I started working there that forbids me from saying where it is. Let me just tell you that it is a BIG corporate restaurant giant. It’s good to stay away from those places….

Anyways, after a long week of work, I am good and ready to go to the hookah bar. I may work on this bottle of tequila I found in the back of my freezer first. Lord knows that a bit of hookah AFTER Tequila can make it a whole new experience. It adds a dimension of craziness. Also, (however this isn’t as well known) a bit of Turkish Coffee can get you going almost as well.

Those Turks surely know what they are doing.

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