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I drink-therefore I am

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Before you get upset at my horrible pun don’t get too mad, its been done in so many different forms by people before.

Its extra special to drink when you smoke hookah. First since the body needs fluids, its hotter in summer so you need to have lots of liquids. Are these fluids getting to all parts of your body though?

Imagine if you drank 4/5th of your liquid needs . Does that mean that every organ and vessle of the body is getting 4/5th its right amount ?

4/5 for the brain, 4/5th for the heart etc? What if all the organs are getting 100% of their fluid needs but the 2 kidneys are not? Thats really unhealthy and theoretically can’t really happen. The 4/5 is getting shared more or less all over the body and those 4/5¬† isn’t enough.

When you smoke hookah, though, there IS a situation where the body is getting all its fluid needs except for one area- the mouth, palate and throat. For them its like being in a waterless desert. The hookah smoke might be cool, but it does dry out the whole throat area and you have to drink that much more to replenish  it.

You can drink cold or hot, it doesn’t matter as long as you are hydrating the body enough at all times and must drink a lot while you have the hookah. (I wouldn’t try milk).

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