Name your biggest Hookah Hassle

Take a cigarette out of the pack, light up and smoke, your finished. If you are a chain smoker you only need one match to light 2 or three packs in a day, you just light the end of your first cigarette butt to the next ciggie in the pack.

¬† With a cigar its hard to do that so you’ll¬† need to light each one as you smoke (no major hassle there).

A pipe smoker has his things to prepare  and fix as he smokes like packing the pipe well, tamping it down, and sometimes re-lighting.

In hookah smoking the preparation takes longer the mainteience also while you smoke and the cleaning up afterwards. (That’s simplified of course).

So what is your biggest problem, your pet peeve, your hookah hassle?

Mine are usually anything to do with the coals. I’m using lately a charcoal brand which is quick lighting type, leaves a bit of charcoal taste sometimes, smokes, sputters and smells bad when lighting it up, dirties the room with soot and often not will explode into 2¬† flying pieces if I’m lucky. Sometimes even more and I have to run quickly to pick up 4-5 or moor pieces of burning coal.

That’s bad enough. The simple solution is to get another type of coal, but the company that I buy from which has great service and really quick shipping¬† is often out of the high class quick coals or only stocks that one kind while they are very big in variety when it comes to shisha tobacco and hookahs and the service is great with cheap competitive prices.

Still I’m left with the coal problem

With sparking or exploding coals I just fashioned a 10 inch ring  around the coal burner and the top open to let out the smoke. This keeps flying sparks and pieces in and my floor is cleaner.

Playing with the metal tongs sometimes is a hassle. The coal first burns well at the top and I either need to wait a bit about a minute for it to burn all over evenly, or turn it upside down which I find is tomuch wrist action for¬† me with one hand using the tong. So simply use two ,one in each hand.(Don’t try flipping it like they do when making pizza or an egg omlette.) While I used to be great flipping an egg omlette in the¬† air about 5 feet high and catching it cooked side up with a spatula, don’t try it with a burning coal).

Another peeve is when I’m toward the end of the session and I’m getting little¬† smoke. Is there any shisha left to burn? Or maybe I need to add a half coal, or what? Would be great if the tobacco bowl would be clear but even then you wouldn’t be able to see if its cooked shisha or fresh down left at the bottom.

I’ve mentioned things to do in these situations in previous posts.

You’ll have to experiment. Usually if the tobacco is high class premium¬† they smoke 15-25 minutes longer than the regular type brand, you should know to add coal.

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  1. I find my biggest problem with hookah is coals ,pure and simple. How much coal, the dirt and filth of them and each different pack of coak even from the same manufacturer is different, one is hard, one crubles, one soft, one too hard, this pack gives off good heat while the next box is too little heat
    Jim Leyland


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