Tuesday, August 14th, 2007...12:47 am

Ice and Cool tip

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Instead of adding ice cubes to the water bowl to cool the smoke, which take up a lot of the water space and won’t filter the smoke not to say make it hard to take a toke–try crushing small the cubes or putting in the blender. The ice will then cool well. You’ll be able to add this as 100% of the water space and it will filter your smoke.

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  • what I do sometime’s is I put some salt into the water en put it in a freezer, after a few hours it wil be just as cold as ice even colder but it also still filters just the same

    srr for bad english, but I don’t live in an english speeking country 🙂

    keep that charcoal burning ^^

  • makes good sense

  • Borgir, your English is fine. Where do you live?
    The idea with the salt in the ice is a good one.
    thank You
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