Smecht Gut, Ya?

The ultimate¬† shisha info video done by the German science version of Galileo, but if youknow English or Yiddish you’ll understand 95% of the words. Its quite self explanitory and amazing to watch.

We¬† have the young chap Max Held–hookah smoker in residence driving down the road with his hookah in the car¬† left hand on the wheel and with hose in right hand shifting gears between puffs.

Also show is a couple of guys with hookahs in their backpacks smoking on the avenue and a Turkish man who built a factory for complete making works of good narghilas.

This is an amazing video which you’ll be hapy to see.

Nice music videos by “Yanni”

3 thoughts on “Smecht Gut, Ya?”

  1. Yur rite do not speak the German but I understud what going on very well.Lke this video lots. Must show this to Fearless Leader in Russian KGB.


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