Wednesday, January 6th, 2010...5:41 pm

I’m Dancing for Al-Waha Shisha

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“Al Waha” shisha from Jordan? I’m a big lover of “Nakhla” from Egypt,they have quite a lot of¬† flavours and they are great.I used to smoke al-Waha a lot, both of these brands are rather cheap compared to others. The other day I had Al-Waha “5 Stars”and “Strawberry”. Al-Waha is very wet shisha while Nakhla isn’t. Has normally a killer great aroma right out of the box.”5 Stars” tasted like Raspberry candy, and Strawberry, well like it says….¬†¬† The both last a long time and I enjoyed myself immensely.

Here’s a link :

And now the famous Arab dancer “Tarik Sultan”¬†(aka Shmulik Yiztkovitz)¬†.Well, so what? First off, he is one of the rare Male dancers, but in this video he dances with a HOOKAH on his head.


Now meet the Arab equivelant of Frank Sinatra.¬† “Farid Al Atrash”, great solo player of the musical instrument “Oud”,famous singer and movie actor of the 50’s and 60″s.Friend to Arab kings and a siren to the ladies.


Here is a HD version of him singing solo and just the fantastic work on the Oud!!

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