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“Modern Ice Chamber”

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I’ve smoked a hookah with an “Ice Chamber”, but it was part of the whole hookah and not a separate piece.
I often go to “”s “New Items” page on their website to check up and I see they have one!
Da Smokey Link!! :  See full size image also for the link on the photo at left 

On the above link you will find out what specs and price are along with a photo, but heck, I’m not going to give you a “bum steer” or steer you wrong!!! They don’t call me “Honest Abe Lincoln” for nothing. I have 11 hookahs and spent quite a lot of my sessions smoking the hookah with an already attached Ice Chamber so that was a good buy.

See full size image

This will fit on any size hookah so essentially you will be able to move it from one hookah to the next, suprise your friends at a party, they MUST have some ice cubes, the “Modern Ice Chamber” will not come with its own ice cubes as you’d expect.

These are ice cubes See full size image“with a bullet”, now since I have the photo, I’ll give you their link¬† !!!!¬† :
DON’T be a mental pygmy by adding “dry ice” which is a gas, as oxygen is a gas to your hookah bowl  or  ice chamber, as many things are a gas,

but you‚Äôd ruin your throat and lungs, mate! Same goes for adding dry ice to your water. Its DANGEROUS!Imagine your lungs,heart and brain obviously softer than YOUR head….if you use dry ice in a hookah. For bigger fools who do it to others, why I have read that in some states the perp can get up to 50 years in prison for attempted grevious bodily harm.

¬†¬†¬† Dry ice is solid carbon dioxide, if you were to put this in the vase with water the water would heat up the carbon dioxide transforming it back into a gas¬†¬† which could build up¬† pressure and¬†¬†¬† possibly¬†¬† ¬†crack or shatter¬† ¬†the vase. As the dry ice “melts”, the correct term for this is sublimation, it cools the water vapor in the air around it, causing a white puffy fog that looks like hookah smoke. Personally I wouldn’t put this around the vase either because carbon dioxide solidifies at ‚àí78.5 ¬?C (‚àí109.3 ¬?F) and over the course of an hour or so the water in the vase could freeze and crack the vase or cause damage in some other way.

You COULD use it inside a bucket and stick your hookah in the pail, or better, pack the dry ice around the hookah. SNOW is great too and it is a good insulator.

Still, from my experience, the best cooling effect is achieved when using the “Ice Chamber”

dump it here

Well, I am going to see if “” will be large and let me try their new “Modern Ice Chamber”
(hint hint) so that I may offer here a 100% Glatt Kosher review.
Keep in touch,Mates

ice castle coloured by lights                                          

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