In Hookahs, does SIZE matter?

Does the size of hookah smoked matter ?

Depends for what. If you are going camping with only a backpack,you will want a small hookah to lug around. As far as suction, quality of taste and burn it will also matter.Those are the minis.

Can see more here from “Smoking-Hookah”.

Here you can see junior size. I’ve found many juniors that smoke just as well as many large hokahsand that is with the added ability to move them around¬† ifyou travel. They go on the table or¬† next to your p.c. quite¬† well and won’t tip over like a large one will.

Notice the sizes here from 17-24 inches

With that being said.

Yesterday I did¬† take the top shaft-head off a junior¬† size and add it to a large size vase. Now when I say “large size vase”, I want to be exact!

Taking my vase I filled it and poured ito the big, largest  hookah base for large hookahs that I have. What I found is that it had  maybe 4% less room for the water.

I took the smaller vase (standard large size) and put my junior hookah shaft from the junior hookah to check for size. I found that the rubber grommet from the junior was a bit too small so I added a grommet with no round sealer on the top ¬†which I had bought in a store exactly for this reason and¬†put ¬†it¬†over ¬†the junior grommet making a perfect fit!The junior shaft became a “large size hookah”. The shaft is shorter but the base is large so suction is much better.

Result : what I have always known, the larger the glass base is it will give the best burn and suction provoding that it all fits well, no leaks, large diameter hose for more suction.

The tall shaft makes the smoke somewhat cooler and provides for aestetic view to the eyes since there is more room for metal shaping, engraving and adding of marble, plastic (gems?!) etc.

Junior sizes

(Minis are mostly one dinky standard size, while juniors vary even 7 inches size one to the other)  

Large from 19-34 inch




Here are some large sized hookahs

this is a novelty hookah.

But junior sizes do smoke very well. I myself am happy to have changed the junior shaft into a larger sized  glass bowl, and will use the smaller bowl if I go on a hike or camping. (I live out in the woods and (wadis)valleys between Bethleham  and Hebron in Israel so for me a hike can still bring me back home within a short time.)

Here is missy out in the woods on a trek with a tiny hookah. She does look hapy,but I don’t see any smoke, do you?

Obviously the lighter the hookah,the easier to carry. If you are in your car lets say going to the beach or campsite the biggest hookah inthe world can be brought along.

Now for suction and burn quality, I don’t¬† even ¬†recommend mini hookahs which are a bit bigger than this one above. Its better than nothing, for sure if you¬† have only a purse to carry or a small bag. I’d rather smoke a min ithan not smoke at all, but still the taste and burn is not up to par. Bad suction-to my mind and I can’t taste the¬† shisha very well.Matter of fact, it burns my throat¬† a lot!

So does size matter?


If we go by the price tag on the hookahs mini, junior and large, you betchya.

12 thoughts on “In Hookahs, does SIZE matter?”

  1. I’ve got a very big ,long one, hookah that iz!!
    I don’t like the dinky mini hookahs . They are hot to smoke and the taste doesn’t come through as well as biggies!

  2. I’ve found out in life, that its not the size of your “vessel”, but how many $billions$ of Dollars you are worth that really counts.

  3. My friends and I are building a six foot tall hookah with an extremely large vase. Will the long stem length and large vase size enhance or detract from the shisha’s flavor and smoothness?

  4. Hi! It all depends on how well you seal it for air pressure. If its well sealed by the hose, the stems,shaft, tobacco bowl then you will not really have much of a difference. I have a number of hookahs of many different sizes. I enjoy the large sizes for “majesty”, but I found that the best toking hookahs I have are a bit on the large size “junior” hookah, and a large “mini” hookah. The big ones are well sealed but don’t hit as well. If you make it tight all around and yours being home made, let me suggest using that white “teflon” pipe-fitters non sticky tape. Its non-adhesive but if you twirl it around the openings right, it can stop a flood of water (or air) from comming in or out. I myself am always on the lookout for a very large sized glass bowl which I can fit to a large shaft. Like I said, logic (which I don’t claim to be my strongsuit) would tell me that a large bowl with more water will cool the smoke, but my mini with the little water it holds is better than the biggies! Good hunting.


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