Is your shisha dry?

If you’ve bought a box of shisha that was not well covered and dried out some, or it came from the company like that don’t think to add honey or” molasses “to your shisha “mu’assel” as a way of adding moisture. (I’ve done that a few times). When you smoke it I’tll be hard to draw on and hard to get any smoke frome it. So maybe you’ll think to add a bit more charcoal and the results are cooked honey in your bowl and it smells really offensive and quite un-smokable too.

Do what they do in Germany. They have laws on tobacco imports with more than a certain amount of nictotine¬† and regular 0.5% shisha glycerine- nicotine¬† mixture like what comes from the Middle-East fits over the catagory. So they buy a weaker shisha or¬† often use pipe tobacco and buy glycerine at the pharmacy which is safe to add. No health problems. You’ve got the same thing-around 25% roughly in your shisha if you live outside Germany.

I’ve done it a few times a few years ago making my own pipe tobacco mix and molasses with a tablespoon of glycerine. (The rough figure is up to 25% ).

YOU know what good shisha feels like ,moist but not dripping so much that it will go down the holes of the clay bowl and into the metal shaft of the hookah. Nakhla is a dry shisha so don’t try comparing your mix to that.

Most often we’ll never get into a situation like that unless you¬† make home-made shisha but at least its good to know.

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