Shisha brand “Abed El-Khader

Have you ever tried this tobacco brand?¬† purchases this themselves straight from His Majesty’s Kingdom of Jordan where they get also their fresh Al-Waha, Saet Safa and Al-Ouns. These are all great tobaccos. Al-Waha is thought by some as equivalent to¬† Nakhla. I would too since I’ve purchased it locally and online from a few places and it wasn’t fresh. No date in english either. buys fresh and ships quickly. Try their Al-Waha and its like smoking a totally different brand than what you’ve ever bought!

Abed El-Khader¬† is a stronger shisha with a premium taste. They have peach, lemon,licorice ,red¬† apple, orange, chewing gum flavour (candy taste),mint,strawberry,melon,cherry,cherry banana, and bubble gum. I’ve had 8 flavours and have yet to smoke the bubble gum,melon, and licorice . I will try them if I can get and post on about them.

The flavour of Abed El-Khader¬† is realistic. The best peach I’ve had .

Try them .

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