Its comming soon…!


There are fiscal  new years for the banks (and us), new years for taxes, New Years for the Chinese, New Years for the Moslems, New Years for  the Bhuddists, New Years for Hindu believers, Christian, Afro-Americans, probably for every culture and sub-culture there is a new year.

There is a new year for the Mother Earth, of Green Peace, United Nations, New years for cease fires, new years legally in many countries as things like “New Year for Lung¬†¬†¬† Cance Resarch, New Years for the Harvest,and more too many to mention here.

Is there yet a “NEW YEAR for Hookah, shisha narghilah, hubbly bubbly?”

With that I’d like to mention that the comming Jewish New Year is on September 13,14¬† according to the Western world’s calendar. The day that G-D Created all many myriad physical and spiritual wordls.

G-D Bless the readers.

All the Best

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