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“Its too late, (She’s gone)”(Robert Johnson)

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Did you ever keep a pet fish as a kid?Or a few of em?
First off, you have to oxengize the water or put in plants.
A bottom dwelling scavenger which is not really a fish eats a lot of crap off the bottom. I had one I called “Yossi Sarid”. I found him one morning outside the fish tank-he jumped out. Must have been too dirty in there for even a dirt loving muck- raker fellow like Yossi Sarid.
As with fish, so goes your hookah.
Even if you are a chain smoker like I am, where I go from bowl to bowl for hours, you have to clean your hookah apparatus just as often and change the water. That depends. Could be after 2, 3, 4 smokes even if you want to keep going.
All you have to do anyways is to take off the shaft, clean it out, pour out the water and put in fresh H2o.
Some people use distilled water, boiled and cooled, or bottled water.
“Perrier’s” anyone?
While you are changing the water, you can listen to this grat “Derek and the Dominoes” version of the Robert Johnson blues song “Its too late (she’s gone)
Time yourself while changing the water and giving the shaft “the shaft” with the old hookah cleaning brush at 4 minutes 1 second.
(Bet you’ll be back in time for the end).

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