“Medusa” clay bowl


This “Medusa” clay shisha tobacco bowl is a new conception in hookah smoking.¬† If you check the above link you will find ALL of Smoking-Hookah.com’s shisha bowls including this “Medusa” and the revolutionary “phunnel”.

Like the “Phunnel” the “Medusa” bowl was concieved to¬† keep your tobacco shisha from not getting too hot but mainly¬† in order to have it stay juicy and smoke for a much longer time!

I heard 2 weeks ago about this new bowl and ordered one from “Smoking-Hookah.com”.

In the page phot as you can see above, the “Medusa” bowl doesn’t look¬† any bigger than your regular sized clay and ceramic bowls.¬† And it has a very shallow space for tobacco.

Wow, was I shocked when this came in the parcel post!  As I just measured it, the circumfurence  (around the top rim) is 9 and a half inches !!!

Down below in the middle of the bowl the size around is  10 inches.

Now ; what you have here is a large enamel bowl  4 inches high 9 and a half inches around, the shisha compartment is a gradully sloping   shallow 2 and three -fourth inches accross with 7 large holes at the bottom of the shisha platform.  As it is shallow  and almost equally deep in the whole area you  have space for about 20 to 35 grams of shisha depending on the cut of your tobacco and how much you want to put in.

*A cardinal rule of packing shisha bowls , never to pack down too tight that you squeeze out the juices and make it difficult for air circulation, hence -overheating and scortching.

*Another rule is NEVER pack so much into a bowl that the top of the shisha will touch the tin foil which will burn it and ruin all of the shisha smoking session.   Now; after packing into any bowl you might think

“I left room at the top so¬†shisha ¬†isn’t touching the foil”.¬† Did you consider that¬† afterpacking the shisha will rise up a bit and even more will being heated?¬† There goes your smoke and expensive shisha.

The “Medusa” bowl leaves plenty of room for tobacco without the need¬† to chance burning your shisha.¬† And it smokes for around 2 hours at least, depending on how you pack the bowl, and quality of shisha tobacco.¬† There is the greatness of the “Medusa”.¬†

¬†I also have a “phunnel” which is a big¬† shisha saver and smokes slow but the space for shisha is so little and having to pack it around the¬† large center hole, I never manage to pack¬† it righ, even a few grams end up burning.

The “Medusa” solves for me that problem.¬†¬†¬† Another great point :

below the shisha compartment, the major part of the  eneamel bowl is hollow!!!

Makes  for a very cool smoke  as the shisha dissapating flows down to the shaft and into the water, up the hose and  into your mouth!!


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