Sunday, September 13th, 2009...6:33 am

I’m smoking the new “Unit 2.0” modern hookah

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As I write, I’m smoking the new ultra-modern “Unit 2.0″¬† hookah from Austria.

Its a 19 inch high juniour size hookah that assembled out of the carton in a minute.

Pieces :

one large size bowl flat on the bottom v shaped; glass made in Germany.  The aluminum shaft and its base fit perfectly into  the already built in 4 waffered rubber  grommets, its an air tight fit.

The aluminum shaft is a cinch to clean, it has 11 circular air vents which dissipate heat. There is a hollow portion at the top of the shaft for shisha with lots of room ,  then add your foil.

Generally on all my hookahs I use one and a half or two coals, and still I need a few puffs to get the smoke going.  I was suprised on the first puff with only one coal covered by the added on thick aluminum wind cover 4 inches high to get a gigantic cloud of smoke!

And the taste of the shisha comes out very strong  and true.

Here is the link :

Perfect for the windy beach or travelling.


  • How do you use this? it did not come with instructions. Where do you put the tobbacco and where do you put the coals? There aren’t any step-by-step instructions?

  • I didn’t get any either. The very top apparatus is a wind cover and “heat fin”.
    Add hookah to the second aluminumbowl from the top, making sure that the shisha won’t come up to the top so that the foil won’t touch the shisha and the coal would burn it. There is still plenty of room there.

  • I just ordered mine because I bought my first traditional-style hookah this weekend and it was a total piece of crap. There was air-leakage every where, so I decided to purchase the unit 2.0 due to the simple, and efficient design that left little room for any type of suction loss. As soon as either of you have used this device, please post your experiences with it here so I can fantasize about mine until it arrives in the mail…

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