Nakhla Brand : “Zaghloul” shisha review!

 hookah by chunsa88

Nakhla the original shisha tobacco company, from Egypt which sells the world over has a non-flavoured tobacco named “Zaghloul”.¬† Now what is “non-flavoured shisha”? Believe me, if it didn’t have a¬† great flavour I wouldn’t be smoking it so often. The¬†term ¬†”flavoured shisha ” is normally fruit flavoured such as peach,cherry,mango,pear,apple or with flavourings added like mint, licorice. They have between¬† 3-5 % tobacco in the whole shisha mixture along with up until 25% glycerin or molasses to bind it, keep from burning and add taste. “Zagloul” which comes in medium or strong types has no fruit pulp added, no flavourings, no glycerin, just good quality tobacco,¬† around 5% of the whole mixture only with just molasses added. It isn’t sticky to the touch and the aroma is a bit close to pipe,cigarette and cigar smell. It reminds me of a Turkish tobacco smell and taste.

Now, you’d imagine the¬† strong strength to be used with care “I’d better try medium first before strong”. Let me explain how¬†hard it is ¬†to inhale the¬† strong type! : I myself can’t inhale a cigarette, but I inhale on shisha tobacco since its around 5% only of the total mix. I inhale on all flavours, the strong “Zaghloul” is not harsh, its just the Turkish flavouring and easy to inhale. The first time I tried it I was disappointed and didn’t go back to it for 2 years. Like a youth who drinks cola and then sips some wine at a meal. Its definately an aquired taste, but so enjoyable ! I have small ammmounts of around 30 different flavoured fruit shisha. Mostly I smoke them all¬† and then do another round of 30, but I have gone to smoking “Zaghloul” every 6th smoke or so. I’ve noticed that the “Zaghloul” being drier, it needs another 1/3 added charcoal heat to smoke it . The clouds are thick and the taste is wonderful.

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