Dare you WASH your hookah hose?

Problem :

most hookah hose styles and brands ¬†available are advertised as “fully washable “.¬† Believe me, no lawyer¬† in court could prove the opposite!¬† You can take your bought hose, its been used lets say¬†40 times and its getting some charcoal dust through it when you inhale, not to mention the smells and tastes of previous smokes. Your hose is written to be “fully washable” so you run water, or better as a cleaning solvent lemon juice. Walla! your hookah hose is now clean as advertised, but¬† the company that sold it¬† did not mention the supporting wires of the hose would rust! You are now the proud owner of a 100% clean (of shisha aroma)¬† hose, but its 100% rusted from the water you used to clean it! Now go smoke a clean hose and enjoy a throatfull of rusted metal coil!!

There are one or 2 really completely and truly washable  leather hookah hoses, but I am going to show you  the easiest to clean, the quickest to dry and the cheapest by far! Its also very ,very long lasting since its  coloured plastic pvc made in Egypt!

The hose is very flexable, cheap to buy. You wash it with lukewarm water and hang it to dry. In a few minutes like any rubber hose (This is plastic) its run dry and ready to use again. No smells or gunk. Here is the link at Smoking-Hookah.com  :


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