RESPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Don’t be lazy. Got to clean out your hookah after every use, as soon as you’re fnished so the grime doesn’t dry and harden.

You need a long handled brush specially made to clean the long shaft of the hookah.

Like this  one :

I always use a little dishwashing liquid sop.YES! I know that some people will tell you that the soap taste stays, gives a soapy taste and won’t wash out. So what do you wash your dishes with? Plain cold water and sand?

Use warm or hot water, I’ve never tasted soap and its a great cleaner.

Same in the glass water bowl of course.

so give that hookah some respect.

“Respect” by the Queen of Soul” Aretha Franklin

6 thoughts on “RESPECT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. I just gave a look at my hookah cleaning brush which I have to admit looks pretty bald from lots of use. Half the bristles seem to have fallen off. Better order a few more.

  2. I always worried about using dishwashing soap on my hookah to clean, but I’ll try it on one of my old hookahs that have baked on dirt in the shaft. I have a big collection of hookahs.

  3. I can recommend “Al-Fakher” brand pinapple flavoured shisha,but to make any shisha you need one very important ingredient : your own personal taste. Less sweet, or more, more fruit or less, glycerine ammount more or less. Glycerine you can buy in any pharmacy in small bottle. 1 teaspoon per 25 grams of shisha tobacco plus honey is the general ammount. “Nakhla” shisha is about 22% glycerine while most are 25%.Get pinapple, crush it in a blender, mix with honey or molasses (mu’assel !) to your taste of sweetness, add good tobacco like fine pipe tobacco and 25% glycerine. Mix well and let it sit for 24 hours , not in a refridgerator never! By letting it sit, all the ingredients will blend with each other.If you have too much honey and not enough tobacco or glycerine the honey will burn to a crisp the whole mixture. Try smoking a little of your mix, and change it if you feel to add more tobacco or whatever.Salaamtak. Hookah 1


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