Second Hand Smoke to Pets

How¬† about¬†”second-hand pet dander dandruff”? see below¬†

 Fusillo the Egyptian

Obviously the second hand smoke¬† experiments were done on animals first.I can’t see it being done on babies! A straycat who comes around seems scared of the clouds spewing out of my mouth. Dangerous? My puppy doesn’t mind, but maybe he doesn’t inhale. But morally ourselves we have decided to smoke and not all¬† around us. My wife had me smoking on the porch until I moved my p.c. into a small private room!!

Second hand pet dader and dog farts, fleas, etc.

So I say, if they ruin my air, I don’t need a guilt trip about the hookah. Doggie can play outside.

shisha...Brain!Brainy hookah

NarguileNarguil?© - Water pipe - ... with apple perfume... nothing else ;o)Baba Jee with Huqqa

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