Friday, September 22nd, 2006...8:49 am

Size Matters: How Tall Is Your Hookah?

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Have you ever wondered if the height of your hookah makes a difference in the way it smokes? Do you think a tall hookah is better than a short one, or do you prefer to compact and ease of the smaller hookahs?

Although this issue certainly is one of personal preference, there are some considerations to be made before you shell out the cash to get the hookah of your dreams. For one, Size Matters.

The taller you hookah is, the more time the smoke has to “bubble up” and therefor be filtered and cool down from the time that it’s cherry in the bowl till the time it hits your lips. For me, that’s a big issue. A nice cool smoke makes your evening a lot more pleasant than a harsh, hot smoke like you would get from a smaller hookah. On the other hand, a smaller hookah may be just the thing you want to haul around to your friend’s house and if you had a taller hookah, it would just sit on you coffee table.

In the end, the question of “How Tall Is Your Hookah” comes down to personal preference. But if you want a cleaner, cooler smoke, go Big.


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