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Some New Products

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“” has come out with many new products recently, I’d like to review 2 of them here !

“The Bohemian Glass Base”

(Click on below link for photo of these wonderful Bohemian Cut Crysal vases with their beautifully created nature motif)

These vases come and a great price savings. Compare the cost comparatively to regular standard glass vases and you won’t find much difference! Yet the nature motif of these stately large Herons flying throw the air, in either blue or green glaze are a pleasure to look at while you smoke. And they being made in the Czech Republic which has a tradition of century’s work are strong and durable!

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Shisha Bowl Protector :

Hookah Bowl with Screen and Cover

The next item is a great concept in heat control and to keep your coals from ever falling off!

This apparatus is attatched to the top of your clay shisha bowl. You put your hot coal on it and close the top over. Finished. Its a built -in wind cover and you have no coals falling on the rug, floor and no ash.You don’t have to mess with foil and holes either, the ingenious covers have a mesh cover for¬† the charcoal!

Check out ‘s low, low price and compare them online to other companies. One I’ve seen at $13.95 (can’t they make it an even $14.00? and another exclusive online store for $21.99 (keep the change, Bud.)

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