Inside Your Hookah Hose!

Their are 2 basic smoking hoses for the narghilah. “Washable” and non-washable”.

Almost every hose is non-washable no matter what it is listed as. The p.v.c. hoses which are made in China, black hose with good agility are of course 100% washable. Most hoses are strengthened with a metal coil tube and even blowing out the dirt  after each use is not enough, they accumilate resins and dirt after awhile.

These are listed as “washable” but I don’t see detachable heads, and those ARE wood mouthpieces, no?


Hookah-Masters sells this plastic one :

Above link are more details.

Here, I’d like to show you a photo of what a hose cut apart after much use looks like :

This ain’t no clean machine

I have made myself a very long hose in thee past by buying a tube of p.v.c. at a hardware store (don’t forget to take along¬† your hookah hose¬†mouth piece¬†and attatchment so they fit to size. At home you might need to heat with hot water the tube ends to get them in well expanded and then of course after awhile they will go back to a 100% perfect fit!

Don’t buy this, it is wire re-inforced and it will rust.This looks like it doesn’t have wire.

“Braid inforced”Might rust?

 This is re-inforced  hose but from the photo given, I think that it is covered in plastic.Very good.Wire enforced. Looks like what is being sold as washable. Maybe here also the wire is covered ina plastic cover? Beautiful colours for a hose!

Clear hose, no wires

Home-made final product :

You will even see the smoke in this clear plastic¬† hose, but it is a very un-wieldly hose and you must be careful that you don’t knock over the hookah from moving it around even a little. There are I’ve only heard a more flexable p.v.c. hose¬† for air conditioners that are better….

but I have bought the black hose above from, and like it a lot.Its also very wide. I have a longer hose that I made cutting the end of one, attatching the whole end of one and using a soft electric tape to cover for no air leaks. Its so long, but the regular one and the looooong home-made are both really flexable!Here is an adaptor if needed :

After more checking, I’ve found that a lot of these braided hoses are used for water, milk and food industrial uses, one being the “Milwaukee Rubber Com”

Hookah 1

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