Thursday, July 26th, 2007...4:14 am

“The Witch” take it with you hookah shaft attachment

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  • “the witch” is a bitch. Great way to move your smoke!

  • For buying $50 worth of merchandise?
    That’s anyone’s minimum order-hey, I’d pay mon$y for that!
    Alex Rodriguez

  • This would make a gest porrtible hookah and boohng.
    Desmomd Dekker.
    Are the thir any othr companies thasst givr out prizes for prires hopping?


  • This is a great hookah for the people “who can’t make it til the end of thr month.”
    As “minister of Welfare” I’d like to gret sfew thoudsnd of thrown away bottles in yhr streets nd convert them to hookshs for thr public need.

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